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Fashion Walk Powers-up Hong Kong’s First-Ever Joy of Lights
(Hong Kong, November 14, 2016) This Christmas, Fashion Walk collaborates with renowned international artist from Japan, KAZ SHIRANE, famed for his work in imaginative space design to present the Hong Kong’s first-ever four-meter tall “Imaginative Christmas Tree” Origami Light-Art Installation. The “Joy of Lights” spectacular continues with nine more stunning Christmas Trees lining Paterson Street in a unique display of stacked art patterns, simply exuding seasonal sophistication.

From today till January 2, 2017, Fashion Walk main block will showcase KAZ SHIRANE’s latest masterpiece – the “Imaginative Christmas Tree”. Painstakingly constructed from 270 individual pieces of reflective material, the pillarless tree is constructed following the traditional principles of origami to stand as a gleaming beacon heralding the season of joy and light in the midst of bustling Causeway Bay. Customers have their part to play in bringing this stunning work of art to life as their movements and gestures bounce off the hundreds of mirrors, creating a thrilling atmosphere reflective of the city’s exuberant celebrations.

In order to capture the customers’ interactions with the “Imaginative Christmas Tree”, the latest 360° photo technology is built inside the art installation so that customers can take a 360° picture which will be projected onto the screen inside the shopping mall. Customers can also use the picture to create a unique Christmas card for uploading to social media, allowing them to share holiday greetings with their beloved family and friends.

Fashion Walk’s Paterson Street will also receive a seasonal makeover and be adorned with nine stylish Christmas trees, dolled up geometrically with kaleidoscopes, Christmas bells, ornaments, and swathes of intricate patterns. Other than celebrating happy times with a snap shot in front of the dazzling decorations, customers can take part in fun workshops, or watch one of the carefully choreographed dance performances to celebrate the festive season with their loved ones. What’s more, upon spending of designated amount at Fashion Walk, customers can receive fabulous Christmas gift sets.
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    Causeway Bay’s Fashion Walk joins hand with KAZ SHIRANE, a renowned artist known for his imaginative space design, to present Hong Kong’s first-ever four-meter high “Imaginative Christmas tree” Origami Light-Art Installation.
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    The latest 360o photo technology is built in to the “Imaginative Christmas Tree” to capture visitors’ happiest Christmas moments, projecting them onto the screen inside the mall.
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    The Christmas spirit overflows Fashion Walk into Paterson Street with nine stylish Christmas trees made from stacked art patterns.

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