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Popular Taiwanese Animated Character UPUP
Spreads Positive Vibes at Kornhill Plaza this Lunar New Year
(Hong Kong, January 31, 2018) As Lunar New Year approaches, shopping malls under Hang Lung Properties will celebrate the holidays with an abundance of events and special deals. Kornhill Plaza in Hong Kong East will collaborate with the ever-popular Taiwanese animated character UPUP to spread positive vibes and welcome the arrival of the Year of the Dog. From now till March 2, festively dressed UPUP will pop up all over Kornhill Plaza, inviting shoppers to “lift up their placards” in celebration of the great year that lies ahead!

UPUP was designed by Taiwanese illustrator Han Lee, with the intention of spreading happiness and a positive attitude to life. The lifting of the placards is a gesture of support and a symbol of hope, with each cute UPUP character designed to spread New Year wishes of joy with visitors to Kornhill Plaza. UPUP will also bring a “Lucky Pink Fan”, which symbolizes good fortune, good health, and good personal relationships. But the good luck doesn’t stop there, shoppers who scan the QR code on the UPUP installation will be able to design their very own UPUP electronic Fai Chun and send them with wishes for good luck in the Year of the Dog to their loved ones. Customers can also stand a chance to win a special deal from Kornhill Plaza merchants.

During the first two weekends in February, customers who spend HK$288 or more at any Kornhill Plaza merchant will be entitled to join the UPUP Lucky Clay Workshop and create their very own UPUP Lunar New Year edition clay figurines. What’s more, from now till February 15, customers who spend HK$688 or more will be eligible to redeem a set of “UPUP Red Packets” with two stunning designs, along with two sets of cute stickers. One design boasts a light pink background, and oozes elegance and cuteness with UPUP lifting a golden fan and fireworks and auspicious patterns in the background. The second design features a refreshing green and blue tone, along with two sets of stickers with greeting wishes for “Good Health” and “Lucky Wealth” which can be stuck to the placards on the red packets as a personal Lunar New Year wish for family and friends.

Furthermore, from February 1 to  February 9, the two highest spending customers each day will be entitled to enjoy the “Love your spouse, Love your kids” Valentine’s Day package. The package includes a romantic meal worth $1,000 at Kornhill Plaza’s popular steakhouse, Mr. Steak, for the parents, and a special Kids Zone adventure with a workshop and snacks for their kids to enjoy. Parents can enjoy the meal at their leisure while the children are preoccupied creating cartoon figure crystal balls, allowing all members of the family to enjoy this wonderful occasion. The Valentine’s Day package will also include a preserved rose decoration along with three hours of free parking, completing the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration!

Kornhill Plaza will be inviting the auspicious Money God from the first to the third day of the Lunar New Year (February 16 to 18), to wish visitors a prosperous year ahead! The Money God will be presenting gifts of discount coupons to shoppers including cinema deals and more, giving everyone the chance to not only enjoy a New Year flick, but a great opportunity to shop and dine heartily as well. And the fun events keep multiplying with a special invitation to popular singer, Jinny Ng, who will grace the stage to sing and distribute lucky red packets! On February 24 (the 9th day of the Lunar New Year), new mom, Jinny Ng, will take to the stage at the East Entrance, AEON SYLE, Kornhill Plaza South, to sing classic Lunar New Year jams, take part in interactive games with customers, and join the Money God in the red packet gifting ceremony, ensuring a fantastically festive time for everyone in attendance!
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    Popular Taiwanese animated character UPUP will be donning cute Lunar New Year costumes, and cheering everyone on by raising Year of the Dog placards for a great year ahead at Kornhill Plaza.
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    Customers can scan the QR code on the UPUP installation, and then pick a personal auspicious greeting on their phones in order to create an electronic Fai Chun to send to loved ones. Customers can also stand a chance to win a special deal from Kornhill Plaza merchants.
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    During the promotion period, customers who spend HK$688 or more at Kornhill Plaza will be able to redeem one set of “UPUP Red Packets” and stickers.

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