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Amoy Plaza Collaborates with Leisure Footwear Pioneers Saucony and Sperry at a Vividly Colorful Sports Arena
(Hong Kong, June 14, 2018) Amoy Plaza presents a sports fiesta this summer with its “FUN TO INFINITY” program in collaboration with classic American trainers’ brand, Saucony, and godfather of timeless canvas footwear, Sperry. From June 15 through August 31, Amoy Plaza will be swathed in the vivid color palette of the iconic Memphis Design Movement as it sets the stage for a summer sports extravaganza. The vibrant venue will also be the backdrop for an exhibition of Saucony’s limited-edition and exclusive shoe designs as well as a collection of Sperry’s sophisticated leisure footwear. Whether it’s for love of sport or sporting-style, summer at Amoy Plaza promises infinite fun for everyone!

Unlike any other sporting arena, Amoy Plaza will transform its atrium with colorful tracks and feature a three-meter high basketball hoop and backboard, all in a strikingly vivid, geometric, Memphis design theme that brings out the joy of fitness fun. Customers can compete in the Sensory Football Competition and vie for the best shooter title, or simply enjoy the thrill of racing through virtual reality. The Amoy Plaza “FUN TO INFINITY” sports arena invites everyone to sweat it out and get fit for summer!

In addition to the colorful installations, Amoy Plaza will be the first to showcase the latest collections from America’s most iconic shoe brands. Saucony, dubbed “the Rolls Royce of Sports Shoes”, is known for its streamlined designs and functionality, and has always been a favorite in sports industry. In a remarkable first-time collaboration between Saucony and a shopping mall, visitors to Amoy Plaza in mid-June can be among the first to check out the brand’s latest collection. Local sports shoe enthusiast, Billy Li, will also be exhibiting his personal collection of Saucony Originals, ranging from shoes with different functionalities to vintage models! But first to take the stage in the sporting arena of colors will be the undisputed godfather of canvas footwear, Sperry. Known and loved for the brand’s timeless yet modern style, Sperry will be exhibiting a collection of original shoe designs remodeled in pink especially for the summer season. And in yet another first, Sperry and Saucony will launch a new range of trainers and canvas shoes this July, with a number of exclusive discounts that sneaker fans won’t want to miss.

The summer sporting fun doesn’t stop there! On the Sundays of June 17 and 24, a freestyle football team will take to the Open Pedestrian Mall and spread the magic of freestyle football to all corners. In recent years, running has become one of Hong Kong people’s favorite sports, and the area surrounding Amoy Plaza is definitely an ideal place to go for a jog. From July 15 to August 26, on every Sunday, runners can participate in “Get Up and Run!” workshops. With Amoy Plaza as the starting point, runners will experience the exhilaration of urban jogging.
During the event period, customers spending a specified amount at Amoy Plaza can redeem a variety of exciting gifts such as the “King of Soyabeans TinBotTM”, the “Ice Cooling Sports Towel Set”, or the limited-edition “Colored Outdoor Inflatable Sofa”.
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    Amoy Plaza presents the “FUN TO INFINITY” themed program, transforming the mall with a Memphis Design-inspired colorful sports arena this summer.
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    Amoy Plaza will host an exhibition of Saucony’s latest shoe collection as well as Sperry’s sophisticated leisure footwear.
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    Customers spending a specified amount at Amoy Plaza can redeem a variety of exciting gifts such as the “King of Soyabeans TinBotTM” or the “Ice Cooling Sports Towel Set.
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    The specially designed “Colored Outdoor Inflatable Sofa” by Amoy Plaza allows customers to enjoy suntan with friends at the beach.

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