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The Peak Galleria x Stretching Bear Stepping-up the Pace at the Sports Wonderland
Artist Chan Ka Kai Joins the “Stretching Challenge”to Usher-in an Energetic Summer
(Hong Kong, July 13, 2018) Get ready for some summer fun at the Sports Wonderland installation, a collaboration between The Peak Galleria and local illustration brand, Stretching Bear. The lazy, big tummy, dessert-loving Stretching Bear is going to work out. This summer, Stretching Bear finally understands the importance of staying healthy, and is going to lead everyone in the Stretching Challenge, to experience the joy of doing sports!

Founded in 2017 by local illustrator PaperSkin, Stretching Bear will showcase some sleek moves from July 14 to August 19 on the first floor and the terrace at The Peak Galleria, swimming and attempting challenging yoga poses, and stopping for selfies with fans after the workout. Being Stretching Bear’s closest ally, artist Chan Ka Kai (Sai Sai Lup) will be joining the “Stretching Challenge” where she will perform some of the hardest stretching exercises on social media and challenge her friends by tagging them.

Customers can also enjoy the sports fun by participating in the “Let’s Move! Challenge”. Participants can get a HK$25 Starbucks gift voucher when they finish the stretching challenges at one of the designated locations at The Peak Galleria, take photos and upload them to their personal account on Instagram or Facebook, and “check-in” at “The Peak Galleria” on the post. Moreover, to step-up the pace to a whole new level, The Peak Galleria is delighted to present the Stretching Bear limited-edition Pedometer. Designed by PaperSkin, this exclusive device is the must-have gadget for fitness fans and novices alike to maximize calorie burning efficiency. During the promotion period, customers spending HK$300 or more in The Peak Galleria, and “Follow” The Peak Galleria on Instagram or “Like” the mall’s Facebook fan page can redeem a limited-edition Pedometer.
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    The Peak Galleria will present the Sports Wonderland this summer, where Stretching Bear will don a swimming float around its chubby belly and exercise, welcoming fans to snap some adorable summer holiday photos.
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    The Stretching Bear twins welcome guests at the Green Terrace of The Peak Galleria in time for summer!
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    Customers spending designated amount at The Peak Galleria can redeem the Stretching Bear Limited-edition Pedometer designed by PaperSkin, recording the calorie burnt so to have a healthier lifestyle.

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