Colleagues' Sharing

Many of our colleagues found their way up with Hang Lung. Here are what they shared with us about their experiences and what the Company's business philosophy We Do It Right meant to them.

Quinton Lu
Quinton Lu Senior Manager

Quinton Lu

Senior Manager - Leasing and Property Management (Service Delivery)

'We Do It Right’ is the business philosophy of Hang Lung that extends to all aspects of operations. We rely on a comprehensive training system to walk our frontline staff through the best practices of ‘doing it right’. We strive to put theory into practice by paying respect to all staff and customers. This sincerity drives our staff to walk the extra mile to go from strength to strength. I am grateful that I have met many great minds in the company, who share the same passion for the betterment of Hang Lung.

Lead by Example

Quinton sings the praises of the “We Do It Right” principle of Hang Lung. He says “I am honored to join this dynamic and professional team as every project Hang Lung embarks on is aimed at gaining ground in the international landscape while ensuring the optimal convergence of its software and hardware in every aspect.”

Tasked with the mission to ensure the consistent delivery of high quality services, Quinton adheres to the vision of lifting the team to new heights. “By keeping my passion for work alive, I strive to lead by example. Genuine care for our staff, characterized by actually putting oneself in the latter’s shoes, is conducive to inspiring different perspectives in them,” he adds. Spurred on by this people-centric attitude, Quinton gives priority to the environment and location of staff lounge – an act that gives substance to the caring culture of Hang Lung. “The staunch commitment of Hang Lung to excellence is incarnated in not just its five-star customer services but also its five-star workplace”, Quinton concludes.

Quinton Lu
Eugene Chang
Eugene Chang Manager

Eugene Chang

Manager - Project Construction

Hang Lung’s projects in mainland China are developed in accordance with the cityscape, local flair and urban planning of individual places, with a view to seamlessly integrating into the surroundings and inspiring the locals. Hang Lung has already been a famous name amongst architect firms and international competitions since I was studying and working in the U.S. This is one of the reasons for me to come on board. Working with world-class architects and suppliers can unleash my full potential. Hang Lung provides the perfect environment for aspirants to move up the career echelon.

People as Valuable Asset

Gravitating towards the outstanding project design and vision of Hang Lung, Eugene joined the Project Construction Department in 2011 to partake in the Dalian project. Witnessing in person the growth of a vast parcel of bare land into a world-class shopping mall, he is as thrilled as he is honored to be part of its successful inauguration.

People are one of the most valuable assets to Hang Lung, a principle that strikes a chord with Eugene. “When I first came back from the U.S., my past overseas experience as an architect was not recognized by local firms. Hang Lung, on the other hand, counts my overseas experience as an asset while giving my team a free hand to flex our creative muscle.”

Eugene is deeply impressed by Hang Lung‘s “We Do It Right” motto. “Integrity is the rule of thumb in the construction industry. In the day-to-day operations of each project, for which a huge sum of money is earmarked, we come into contact with different suppliers over its allocation. We must constantly abide by the corporate value of making the ‘right ’ decision based on a clear conscience and the sustainable development of the Company,” he adds.

Eugene Chang
Sharon Cheung
Sharon Cheung Senior Officer

Sharon Cheung

Senior Officer - Corporate Communications

Hang Lung places top priority on the personal growth of its employees. The Company invests resources in grooming talent, as evidenced by the monthly talks and workshops designed for training needs of staff at different organizational levels with a view to enhancing their professional skills. In addition, the training opportunities in Mainland China represent a valuable exchange that broadens our horizon while imparting in us a comprehensive overview of the different spectrum of the Company’s operations.

Set Example of Integrity

After graduating from university, Sharon joined Hang Lung as a management trainee and chose to cut her teeth on the Corporate Communications Department afterward. “The Management and department heads are the wind beneath the wings of young aspirants as they set out to grow their full potentials. Moreover, different communication channels are in place to ensure the staff is heard.

“The Company upholds high work standards as prerequisite for best results. In this respect, no stone is left unturned. Every member of the staff is encouraged to surpass expectations by pushing the envelope of excellence. I am glad that I have made the right decision four years ago and since then, I have embarked on a colorful journey.”

To Sharon, “We Do It Right” has grown beyond Company motto to become the very spirit that guides her through work and life. Working in tandem at the core of Hang Lung’s corporate culture is integrity, which Sharon explains with a simple example. “The Company gives notes to suppliers in advance about its non-acceptance policy on Mid-autumn Festival gift hampers, which is generally accepted in Chinese societies as a traditional etiquette. I am impressed by the steadfast efforts the Company makes to ensure upright integrity.”

Sharon Cheung
Sally Chow
Sally Chow Senior Guest Service Associate

Sally Chow

Senior Guest Service Associate - The Summit

I am proud to be a member of the Hang Lung family. The Company attracts people with all-round work benefits and remuneration package, as well as appealing corporate culture. Members of the staff treat each other with respect, creating a joyful workplace where high-caliber people perform.

Encouragement and Contribution 

Sally joined Hang Lung as a Guest Service Associate soon after her graduation in 2007. The Emerald Award winner says she has reaped more rewards than expected. “In the beginning, I was shy of communicating with the English-speaking residents in The Summit. But I managed to build confidence with the language courses Hang Lung provides for frontline employees and the encouragement from my supervisor, not to mention the peer guidance I have received.” Gradually Sally started to feel at ease with the expat residents and her job. She was even prized for her décor expertise as she put her favorite pastime at work. Whenever there is event or celebration, held by the management or residents alike, she is the go-to person for venue decoration and recommendation.

Hang Lung values its employees and provides them with promotion opportunities. To recognize the efforts and outstanding performance of Sally, she is promoted to the Senior Guest Service Associate. Talking about her knowledge of residents’ preferences, she explains, “I do not have a particularly good memory. Only if you are willing to walk the extra mile and value your relationship with residents, you will remember what they need as natural as breathing.”

With a professional attitude Sally fully demonstrates the motto of “We Do It Right” by “going the extra mile” in her task to fulfill the needs of residents.

Sally Chow