Unique Lifestyle

Unique Lifestyle

The Hang Lung brand is synonymous with modern chic and classic luxury, combining them into a lifestyle experience unlike any other. Hang Lung properties are where premium facilities and services converge with a taste for the highlife to offer homes, offices and malls that match the status of our discerning clientele.

Our diverse range of malls in Hong Kong cater to every conceivable market segment offering the best in lifestyle choices in settings that offer convenience, comfort and a unique vibe. Attracting millions of patrons through our doors, we pride ourselves in providing our tenants with eco-friendly, technologically-advanced, and stylishly-appointed facilities that make our malls destinations of choice.

Our tenants provide a rich tapestry of premium shops and food and beverage outlets, which make use of our world-class facilities to build their brand presence and keep our malls abuzz with the latest in fashionable trends, gadgetry, gifts, and trinkets, as well as daily necessities and a full array of essential services.

And yet our malls are not only renowned for their design and facilities, they are supported by marketing teams which have propelled them to award-winning heights with campaigns and events that consistently draw crowds of enthusiastic shoppers to beat a path to our doors. Collaborations with famous personalities and brands with imaginative twists keep our image fresh and appealing and our tenants busy keeping up with the influx of customers.

Case Study: Fashion Walk

Hang Lung Properties' Fashion Walk has proved once again its richly deserved reputation as a shining icon for fashionistas and a much-admired marketing pioneer. Fashion Walk's innovative "Fashion Intelligence Index", launched in 2015, has walked away with five honors in the 2015 Kam Fan Awards. In addition to the Bronze and Merit Awards under the "Outdoors (Field Marketing)" and "Print/Outdoors Crafts – Art Direction" categories respectively, the Index clinched two "Kam Fans" under the "Promo & Activation" and "Integrated" categories, as well as the most coveted accolade of all, the "Grand Kam Fan".

The "Fashion Intelligence Index" was created by Fashion Walk and the renowned marketing agency McCANN & SPENCER, it is the first-ever index that unveils the latest fashion trends in Hong Kong. The innovative index uses creative and interactive methods to collect data from fashionistas on the four fashion-filled streets at Causeway Bay - Great George Street, Paterson Street, Kingston Street and Cleveland Street - including their favorite colors and patterns to provide valuable insights into the latest trends. The activity held in April and May 2015 has attracted about 90,000 participants.