Quick Facts
Area 12,600 sq km
Population 7 million
Status Major City of Liaoning Province
Temperature -8°C to 27°C
Economic Indicators
RMB (Billion) Growth (YoY change)
GDP 766 6%
Retail sales 283 12%
Urban disposable income per capita (RMB '000) 34 9%
Fixed assets investment 677 5%

City Descriptions

Dalian lies at the southern tip of Liaoning Province. It covers a vast area of 12,600 sq. km. with the Yellow Sea to the east and Bohai Sea to the west. With its strategic location, Dalian is one of the largest transportation hubs in northeastern China.

The name "Dalian", meaning "seaside" or "riverside" , was first adopted in 1899. The city was under colonial rule for about half a century, during which numerous Japanese and Russian style buildings were built. By the 1950s, Dalian's economy experienced rapid growth especially in heavy industry. The city became a coastal open-up city in 1984 and a free trade port in 1992, establishing itself as one of China's most prominent trade centers.

Dalian is a major port, industrial, trading and tourist city in northeastern China. It is the production base of some of the largest ship manufacturers and oil refineries in China. In 2006, Dalian was crowned "China's Best Tourist City" by the National Tourism Administration and World Tourism Organization, thanks to the resources invested in boosting its tourism industry. Dalian Port, which serves as an important gateway of Northeast Asia, ranked among the top 20 in the first Global International Shipping-Center Index released in 2010.

Economically vibrant, the city recorded a 12% growth in retail sales while investment in fixed assets reported a 5% increase from the previous year. With great development potential, the city ranked first in 2014 China Urban Competitiveness Ranking (North East) and took fifteenth place in 2014 China Overall Urban Competitiveness Ranking issued by the China Institute of City Competitiveness.

Source: Dalian Government Office, National Bureau of Statistics (2014 data)