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23/12/2013 淘大商場舉辦「靚聲伴遊聖誕嘉年華」人氣歌手林欣彤與馮允謙獻唱 (Chinese only)
18/12/2013 The Peak Galleria partners The Peak Tower for Twinkle Twinkle Wishing Star
10/12/2013 Hong Kong's First Santa Claus Themed Walkathon Spreads the Greatest Christmas Joy at Fashion Walk
29/11/2013 Topping-out of Major Structure of Olympia 66 at Dalian
28/11/2013 Hang Lung Wins Silver for Annual Report in International GALAXY Awards
25/11/2013 Hang Lung Wins in 1st Asian Company Secretary of the Year Recognition Awards
19/11/2013 Hang Lung Celebrates Groundbreaking of Heartland 66 in Wuhan
15/11/2013 銅鑼灣名店坊 齊當時尚聖誕老人 傳送快樂祝福 (Chinese only)
11/11/2013 冬日星願‧閃爍山頂 山頂廣場與「親密知己」攜手營造浪漫聖誕(Chinese only)
09/11/2013 恒隆地產「浪澄灣」項目應市加推精選單位 第二批六十伙即日悉數售罄 (Chinese only)
06/11/2013 恒隆地產旗下商場及辦公樓呈獻 全港首個萬樂珠彩虹聖誕嘉年華(Chinese only)
02/11/2013 恒隆地產「浪澄灣」項目再度開售 首批八十個單位 即日悉數售罄 (Chinese only)
01/11/2013 A Sensory Tour of Fashion Walk An Ultimate Opportunity to Explore Wine & Dine Privileges
29/10/2013 「恒隆綠先鋒」2013 把環保訊息推廣至新生代 (Chinese Only)
26/10/2013 Santa's in Style at Fashion Walk Priscilla Wong and Fashion Walk Santa Claus Team Personalize Gifts for Sick Children
21/10/2013 Hang Lung Earns Top Prize in Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets 2013
16/10/2013 家樂坊推出「古著換物‧購物樂賞」 舊衣捐贈愛心賞 (Chinese Only)
15/10/2013 旺角雅蘭中心掀起籃球熱潮 籃球明星珍藏展登場 (Chinese Only)
09/10/2013 山頂廣場「嘩鬼螢派對」 與眾歡度至「螢」萬聖節 (Chinese only)
25/09/2013 Hang Lung’s Standard Chartered Bank Building Achieves
16/09/2013 Hang Lung Celebrates Grand Opening of Center 66 in Wuxi
12/09/2013 恒隆義工透過音樂及藝術展覽 啟發小朋友創意與潛能 (Chinese only)
07/08/2013 銅鑼灣名店坊DINE & SHINE 2013 購物、餐飲與生活優越體驗 (Chinese only)
31/07/2013 Hang Lung Reports Solid Rental Income Growth Amid Prudent Market Sentiment
30/07/2013 恒隆義工與一眾老友記 一起細味冰室點滴 (Chinese only)
16/07/2013 家樂坊「甜‧夏之旅」禮遇密密賞 跟美女廚神麥潔兒學習製作甜品 (Chinese only)
05/07/2013 Hang Lung Properties Launches New Uniform To Further Enhance Customer Service
28/06/2013 山頂廣場 X Moregoo仲夏有機農莊派對 (Chinese Only)
25/06/2013 淘大商場X艾路玩轉夏天 尋找艾路喜愛食物 贏取艾路獨家禮品 (Chinese Only)
24/06/2013 Hang Lung Named Asia’s Corporate Governance Icon
17/06/2013 Hang Lung Gains Three Top Prizes in Asia Pacific Customer Relationship Excellence Awards
13/06/2013 父親節有禮!恒隆義工與匡智會學生攜手送上法式驚喜 (Chinese Only)
10/06/2013 Grand Opening of Hang Lung’s Center 66 (Phase 1) in Wuxi Set for September 16
03/06/2013 銅鑼灣名店坊變身Fashion Destination 打造全港最大創意時裝秀 (Chinese only)
21/05/2013 Hang Lung Earns VIVA “Best-of-the Best” Award
02/05/2013 懷緬往昔情懷 恒隆義工與老友記重遊「兵頭花園」(Chinese Only)
30/04/2013 淘大商場舉辦「Cupcakes傳情母親節」與媽媽共賞滋味紙杯蛋糕 (Chinese Only)
29/04/2013 一站式教育平台「康怡學林」開放日 逾三十間教育機構提供免費試堂優惠 (Chinese Only)
22/04/2013 恒隆一心援四川 捐款五百萬人民幣賑災 (Chinese Only)
12/04/2013 懷念昔日歌后 山頂廣場舉辦「我們的鄧麗君」瑰寶珍藏展 (Chinese Only)
27/03/2013 Hang Lung Wins Best Investor Relations Awards
26/03/2013 Fashion Walk Teams up with Bottle Paint Artist Eileen Chan for Spring Butterfly Party
19/03/2013 這個復活節不一樣 恒隆義工與小朋友鬥擲復活蛋 (Chinese Only)
18/03/2013 Hang Lung Publishes First Standalone Sustainability Report Themed “The Honest Advantage”
14/03/2013 Hang Lung Chairman Ronnie Chan Discusses "We Do it Right" Principle in FY2012 Annual Reports
28/02/2013 Hang Lung Wins Gold for Annual Report in Internationally Acclaimed MERCURY Awards
27/02/2013 雅蘭中心推出「春季日日賞」憑消費參加大抽獎 (Chinese Only)
20/02/2013 恒隆地產舉辦義工嘉許禮表揚義工服務社會的熱誠 (Chinese Only)
07/02/2013 Hang Lung Announces Successful Land Acquisition in Wuhan
04/02/2013 恒隆義工與耆康會長者迎春接福 齊齊玩齊齊做 營造創意歡樂社區 (Chinese Only)
31/01/2013 Hang Lung Reports Strong Profits Despite Subdued Economic Environment
30/01/2013 恒隆地產旗下商場喜迎新歲 憑消費換領精美利是封 (Chinese Only)
28/01/2013 恒隆地產「恒隆綠先鋒」計劃圓滿結束 五十位小學生一同承諾為環保貢獻力量 (Chinese Only)
10/01/2013 Hang Lung Wins Gold in The Asset Triple A Corporate Awards 2012