A Career • A Life

Joining Hang Lung means becoming a part of one of the region’s most prestigious and prodigious real estate developers. Hang Lung employees are visionaries on a grand scale who have worked industriously to bring these visions to life in steel, concrete and glass, and in a whole array of technologies and services that go into making the next generation of properties a reality today

Our vibrant team designs, constructs, and manages a comprehensive selection of landmark commercial complexes in prime areas of key cities. To be one of us, you must see things on a world-class scale and be ready to contribute your energy, vision and talents. You need to be at the top of your game and dedicated to the level of excellence that has raised Hang Lung to the world-class status it is enjoying now.

And in return, you will be given opportunities for personal growth and progress within one of the most people-centered corporations in the region. Our people have made Hang Lung what it is today, and we at Hang Lung are committed to our people as invaluable assets that deserve the investment of our resources in training, continuous professional development, and in personal support on the road to mutual success.

As we extend our business horizons, we continue to devote significant resources and energy to developing the expertise and skills of our outstanding team. Our business units are outlined as follows:

  • Administration

    The Administration team provides general administrative services in office facility management and maintenance, office supplies, logistics support and corporate events coordination such as annual dinner.

  • Central Purchasing

    The Central Purchasing team delivers professional procurement services for the Company. It is responsible for formulation, review and implementation of corporate procurement policies to ensure corporate governance. It performs and manages full-cycle procurement processes from vendor sourcing and selection, through to pricing and services benchmarking, contract negotiation and award as well as vendor / supplier performance management.

  • Corporate Communications

    The Corporate Communications team formulates the overall communications strategy of the Group and manages day-to-day external and internal communications to ensure all stakeholders understand the Group’s vision, mission and core values. The department is also the gate keeper of all major corporate announcements. Daily operation focuses on corporate brand building, events management, CSR, issues and crisis management, media and stakeholder relations, corporate publications and collaterals, as well as corporate website management. The Department Head also acts as the Group’s spokesperson to elaborate various policies and initiatives to stakeholders.

  • Cost & Controls

    The Cost & Controls team is responsible for monitoring project implementation and performance through established budget approval process and cost controls, carrying out site audits on technical and quality assurance procedures, and evaluating site safety and sustainability.

  • Development & Design

    The Development & Design team is responsible for the property development of the Company. Primary focuses include land acquisition, planning and design of future projects as well as asset enhancement of current projects.

  • Finance

    The Finance team provides professional accounting and financial management services to the Company and its subsidiaries, and ensures compliance with the statutory financial reporting requirements. Its major functions include performing financial planning and budgeting, preparation of the Group’s financial statements and management reports, analyzing the Group’s financial performance, assets control and processing receipts and payments.

  • Human Resources

    The Human Resources team is responsible for talents acquisition, development and retention, devising strategic people engagement and development initiatives, effective performance and reward management, organizational development and employer brand building. The Department also oversees the Group’s local Human Resources & Administration teams in various mainland cities by providing them with professional coaching and advice, ensuring compliance and alignment with corporate standard.

  • Information Technology

    The Information Technology team provides professional information technology solutions and services to the Company in areas of IT infrastructure and operations, application development and support, security and risk management, quality and compliance and IT project management. 

  • Internal Audit

    The Internal Audit team evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal control and risk management of the Group’s operations, including policies, procedures and standards, through an internal auditing process. It maintains a whistle-blowing mechanism as a channel for staff and other stakeholders to report fraudulent and irregularity acts. In addition, the Internal Audit team advises on control and risk solutions, and takes part in designated ad-hoc reviews on request by the management or audit committee and handles associated reports, if any.

  • Investor Relations

    The Investor Relations team serves to foster the communication with shareholders /  investors and enhance their understanding of corporate strategies and business development.

  • Leasing & Management

    Leasing & Management Department provides a rich portfolio of quality properties with outstanding service to our tenants. Its major functions include rental profit optimization and asset value enhancement through diversified leasing and marketing activities. 

  • Legal & Secretarial

    The Legal & Secretarial team is responsible for overseeing all legal matters of the Group arising out of its Hong Kong and PRC property portfolios and operations to protect the Group’s best interest, ensuring compliance and mitigating legal risks, overseeing corporate governance and sustainability development of the Group, overseeing and arranging all insurance matters of the Group, dealing with company secretarial matters, arranging Board and shareholders’ meetings, providing professional advice to the Boards on governance matters and reviewing corporate governance practices are in line with best international practices.

  • Project Management

    The Project Management team is responsible for overall monitoring and project management of our prestigious property developments in the Mainland, including project administration, cost control and construction management. They also collaborate with consultants and relevant government departments to achieve development objectives.

  • Property Sales

    The Property Sales team formulates and executes strategic marketing and sales plan including pricing and promotion, for our diversified portfolio of properties in Hong Kong.

  • Service Delivery

    The Service Delivery team provides a comprehensive array of property management services to our tenants. It continuously strives to provide a higher level of service excellence through its major functions including property services, service quality, “Experience, Service & Technology”, horticulture, and security.

  • Treasury

    The Treasury team is responsible for the Group’s cash and liquidity management, financing strategies implementation and treasury risks control.