Learning & Development

Learning & Development

To Learn • To Grow

Working at Hang Lung is no stationary experience. We offer careers, not jobs, and believe that our staff deserve the opportunity to grow with the company. 

To facilitate continuous professional development, opportunities abound in Hang Lung for our staff to refine existing skills and master new ones to achieve their career goals. Ranging from in-house and external training programs to job placements and secondments throughout our network of offices on the Mainland, our learning and development facilities are designed with your advancement in mind.

Our learning and development division Academy 66 provides all-rounded learning opportunities for staff at all levels within the organization with regularly scheduled classes and the further support of its e-learning arm, eAcademy 66. Its extensive professional development program is constantly evolving to cater to the broad range of our people’s continuing education needs.

In addition, Hang Lung maintains the industry’s recognized Management Trainee Program, which has groomed some of our company’s most valued assets. The program invests in promising graduates to form them into the leaders of tomorrow and has seen consistent success as a training ground for dynamic, visionary managers.

These and more opportunities have been specifically developed for our staff because we believe that your career goals are our blueprint for success. Just as our people are our assets, so Hang Lung is committed to fostering an environment that encourages you To Learn • To Grow and to constantly exceed your expectations on a trajectory of excellence that is the hallmark of Hang Lung’s success story.