Hang Lung “66” Brand Campaign


“The year 2020 marked a significant milestone for Hang Lung as we celebrated the Group’s 60th Anniversary. Entering 2021, the Group is taking this opportunity to launch our Hang Lung “66” Brand Campaign. The new Hang Lung “66” Brand highlights Hang Lung’s vibrant and dynamic brand personality as well as our service philosophy of “customer centricity”, which will allow Hang Lung to build a stronger connection with our customers and make an even greater impact on the market. With the new “66” brand image, we are committed to becoming a national brand that is the pulse of the city and a highly admired and leading national real estate company.”

– Weber Lo, Chief Executive Officer


It started with one. One pulse coming from the heart of the action, at 1266 West Nanjing Road. From these 66 floors of urban dynamism rising from the Shanghai skyline, Hang Lung 66 was born. Our first Plaza 66 development soon followed, and then another, each time building on the vibrance of China’s most up-and-coming cities. 

We believe it’s the people who create the pulse of a city. That’s why we design every Hang Lung 66 development to connect young movers and shakers to the most cutting edge brands from China and across the world. It’s where they can enjoy being at the beating heart of it all, through an array of exhilarating experiences designed to be enjoyed together. 


The new “66” logo carries multiple meanings. The two digits “66” are connected by a curved line and angled at 66 degrees, alluding to the close relationship Hang Lung has with its tenants and customers as well as symbolizing Hang Lung bridging the Mainland to the rest of the world. The logo also resembles the infinite possibilities and combinations brought by “people” in a vibrant city, further echoing the “Pulse of the City” concept. Moreover, the bespoke Chinese typeface of “66” and “Hang Lung” complements the uniquely designed logo, combining attention to detail with simplicity.

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