World-Class Management & Star Services

Partnering with Hang Lung gives you access to unparalleled levels of service to ensure that you can comfortably focus on your business and free from any hassles.

‘Hang Lung Star Service’ is no empty concept. Service from the heart is ingrained in our culture and made manifest in our Service Delivery Team’s commitment to nothing but the highest standards of service provision and sincere receptivity to your needs.

From security and hygiene to the everyday maintenance of the facilities that make Hang Lung your first choice, our teams are responsive to your every concern and query. You will find yourself free to do what you do best and focus all of your attentions on making your business shine, while we go about doing what we do best – supporting you in every feasible way.

This is what we called as Star Service.

Emerald Awards

To further enhance the high standard of quality of Hang Lung Star Service, the Company has established the "Emerald Awards" to commend colleagues who have demonstrated outstanding performance in service provision and to encourage the team to scale new heights.

The judging panel formed by senior management will evaluate the performance of the nominees in areas such as customer satisfaction, problem solving and innovation, as well as initiative and accountability.

Case study: Olympia 66, Dalian

Take a look at the 10 unique star services provided in Olympia 66

The Only Multilingual Guest Services Teams

Dalian is located near the border with other north Asia countries such as Japan and Korea, from which a great number of people travel for work, leisure and even to make Dalian their homes. It was for this reason that Olympia 66 set up special teams comprised of talented individuals fluent in Japanese, Korean or English, in addition to Mandarin. As of today, Olympia 66 is the only shopping mall in Dalian with its own multilingual Guest Services Teams.

Custom Gift Wrapping Service

Aware of customers' desire to turn their special purchases into memorable gifts, the Olympia 66 Guest Services Team provides a gift wrapping service with seasonal wrapping paper, stamps, and gift cards with special blessings for every occasion, to make each gift speak uniquely from the heart.

Intelligent Shopping Guide and Business Services

In a mall with a retail sales area of over 220,000 square meters, how can you quickly locate the specific shop for your needs? And after you've completed all your shopping, wouldn't timely information about traffic conditions be useful to help you plan your journey home? At Olympia 66, shoppers simply need to get in touch with the teams at one of the concierge desks to have all of this information and more at their fingertips. With a tap on an iPad screen, customers can access information about mall facilities, services, shops, special promotions and campaigns, as well as E-maps, traffic conditions, public transportations and even flight schedules.

In addition to these unique Star Services, the mall also provides an incredible range of additional services including membership benefits, greetings in the morning and at night, first aid, lost and found, special equipment rental (e.g. baby cars, wheelchairs, umbrellas, power banks, etc.) and complimentary items (e.g. baby diapers) for added convenience.

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