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Heartland 66, Wuhan: Starting Anew

The much-anticipated Heartland 66 development in Wuhan opened its doors on March 25. This is the 10th Hang Lung project on the Mainland, and signals our arrival in Central China.
Heartland 66 in Wuhan measures a total GFA of 450,000 sq. m., which comprises a world-class shopping mall of 177,000 sq. m., a Grade A office tower spanning 151,000 sq. m. and three towers of Serviced Residences. Upholding Hang Lung’s vision to create compelling spaces that enrich people’s lives, the Heartland 66 also signals the beginning of a new chapter in the lifestyle aspirations of the people in Wuhan. From its design, construction, and tenant portfolio, to its operations, service provision, and experience creations, Heartland 66 stands as a world-class landmark in the city of Wuhan, encapsulating and reflecting the city’s pulse and dynamism.
Designing Anew: Green and Chic
Sustainability elements have been incorporated to Heartland 66 in Wuhan since the early stages of design. Three feature spaces were created with new concept. These include a Sunken Plaza on the ground level, a delightful rooftop garden, and a “lightwell” inspired by the water world. Plenty of energy-saving designs were adopted in the project’s development. Low-E and soundproof glass panels are widely used. Water-saving technology helps reduce fresh water consumption by 30 to 40%. Innovative sewage treatment system helps minimize the project’s environmental footprint. Back in 2014, the development obtained Gold pre-certification of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Core & Shell Development from the U.S. Green Building Council.
The mall presents three permanent artworks to enrich customers’ shopping and leisure experience. New York-based design studio SOFTlab’s Mirror Mirror is erected in the Eastern piazza. English artist Petroc Sesti’s Vortex can be seen in the rooftop garden, while Paris-based artist Vincent Leroy’s The Three Blue Floating Lines is on display in the Sunken Plaza. Several AR installations with different themes are set up in various locations throughout the mall during mall opening. Customers can interact with those installations with their mobile phones and have lots of fun while they browse and shop.
Tasting Anew: Introducing Renowned Brands to Wuhan
Heartland 66 has attracted about 110 renowned brands to open their first store, exclusive store or flagship store in Wuhan. Balenciaga, LOEWE, Hublot, Pomellato, Vilebrequin, LONGCHAMP and THE GLARE have all chosen Heartland 66 to house their first store in Wuhan. Since opening, footfall levels have been impressive, reaching 80,000 visitors a day the highest. This has contributed to tenant brands’ outstanding sales results. For example, Balenciaga recorded its second-highest sales on the first trading day sales in China, while Venchi also recorded its highest first-month turnover for China. Both these results demonstrate the tremendous potential of the high-end retail market in Wuhan.
Fendi, Piaget, IWC, Vacheron Constantin and Montblanc will open their only Wuhan store at Heartland 66. The feature crossstory stores of Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are also opening soon. In addition to these international fashion brands, Heartland 66 has also gathered a number of popular food & beverage outlets, including Fu Rong, Spicy Joint and Kang Ho Dong Baejeong.
Business Anew: Growing Together with Corporations
The office tower at Heartland 66 operates according to a new concept. It offers traditional office floors which allow tenants to decorate according to their own needs. The office tower has also introduced the ready-to-use “modular office”, measuring a total area of 23,000 sq. m., which best suits businesses requiring a relatively small office. The modular office is refurbished with environmentally friendly materials prior to lease, significantly reducing the amount of construction waste generated by decoration and demolition.
The office tower also aims to provide a healthy working environment for corporate. PM2.5 filters and sensors have been installed in the building. Ultraviolet lamps and photocatalyst air purifiers are also installed for sanitization. Indoor air quality is guaranteed thanks to highly effective ventilation systems and high-pressure spray humidifiers.
A 1,000 sq. m. business center has also been launched at the Heartland 66 Officer Tower, providing a number of meeting rooms, comprehensive meeting facilities and flexible business support to corporations. Premier building design is complemented by the provision of attentive support, contributing to a wonderful development platform for corporations during their entire business cycle.
Cluster of Prominent Corporations
Many renowned companies have selected Heartland 66 Office Tower as the location for their offices. These include Ping An Life Insurance of China, Total, DHL, United Design Group and CITIC-Prudential, to name just a few. Even more prominent corporations will be moving in soon, further strengthening Heartland 66’s position as the district’s business and talent hub.

Feature space “Lightwell” is inspired by the water world

Artwork Mirror Mirror in the Eastern piazza

Interactive AR installation at the mall

Balenciaga’s first store in Wuhan opens at Heartland 66

The business center in office tower offers comprehensive facilities

Heartland 66 provides an excellent working environment for corporate customers

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