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Hang Lung Nationwide Volunteer Day Promotes Low-Carbon Living and Provides Care to Over 5,000 People in Need

Hang Lung understands that achieving sustainable business growth depends on the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate. That’s why, instead of hosting massive celebratory events that would generate a lot of waste, we began a Company tradition to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Hang Lung Group each September. The first such celebration was held last year, when we marked the 60th anniversary of the Group, with volunteering activities held simultaneously in nine cities across mainland China and Hong Kong. This year, the nationwide volunteer day was held with theme of sustainability. Around 800 corporate volunteers gathered together to promote low-carbon living while giving love and care to people in need. Our activities on the day benefited more than 5,000 people.
Corporate Volunteers Walk the Walk: Actively Promoting Low-carbon Living
Building on the success of the Company’s first nationwide volunteer day, held last September, this year’s volunteer day continued to receive enthusiastic support from our employees and their families and friends, plus our tenants across mainland China and Hong Kong. They took part in a wide array of activities, covering topics such as organic farming, waste reduction, the sharing economy and green living, to help raise the awareness about sustainable development and promote low-carbon living among the younger generation and the general public.
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Weber Lo, and his family were keen participants, sharing the joy in organic farming with some of the children taking part. He said, “In creating compelling spaces that enrich lives, Hang Lung takes care to ensure that all our stakeholders enjoy unparalleled environments, facilities, and services that promote health and wellbeing. To this end we are committed to sustainable community investment initiatives that build-up society while offering the opportunity for the Company and our staff to give back to the people who inspire our work.”
“Our pride is in our insistence that We Do It Well, and in the nationwide community service initiative to mark our anniversary, I am proud to see excellence upheld in our efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of our communities and the enrichment of lives,” said Weber.
Organic Farming
In Hong Kong, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team, together with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), our long-standing partner, invited 100 primary school pupils to visit the HKFYG Organic Farm. The pupils, led by more than 50 Hang Lung volunteers, tried their hand at organic farming, took part in environmental protection workshops, and gained a better understanding of sustainable development.
Waste Reduction
The volunteer team from Spring City 66 in Kunming distributed donated computers and bags of stationery to primary school pupils who needed the supplies. As well as helping the children, volunteers hope to pass on a valuable message about reusing resources and reducing waste.
Sharing Economy
To help nurture good green living habits among young people, the volunteer teams in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenyang, Dalian and Jinan, to name just a few of the participating teams, gave out environmentally friendly gifts and school supplies to pupils, ensuing they had adequate resources to support them in their learning.
Hong Kong – The volunteer team put together 1,000 environmentally friendly gift packs for children from grassroots families and those with chronic illnesses to get them off to a good start at school. The packs were distributed with the help of seven welfare organizations, and contained book vouchers, a reusable meal box, cup, straw and tissues made from recycled paper.
Plaza 66 and Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai, Palace 66 and Forum 66 in Shenyang, and Olympia 66 in Dalian – Volunteer teams visited schools to give pupils health and care gift sets. The packs contained hand sanitizers, books on environmental protection, stationery, sports products and eco-friendly cards, to help pupils stay healthy while studying hard.
Parc 66, Jinan – The volunteer team visited primary schools in Jinan and donated stationery and sports equipment, including ping-pong tables and skipping ropes, to encourage pupils to be more physically active.
Green Living
The volunteer day also encouraged participants to integrate environmental protection and low-carbon concepts into daily life, and “live green” in a range of different ways.
Palace 66 and Forum 66 in Shenyang – The volunteer teams visited local schools and gave out environmentally friendly gift sets to pupils. They visited Shenyang Experimental Primary School, Shenyang Anying Primary School, Shenyang Huanggu District Deaf School and Shenyang Provincial Rehabilitation Center for Disabled. Volunteers also presented students with potted plants they had made to help schools feel greener, and helped with disinfection work on campus.
Riverside 66, Tianjin – Riverside 66 mobilized corporate volunteers and staff from its mall tenants, cooperative hotels, and local district street office, to organize a walkathon at Tianjin’s “mother river” Haihe, to promote the protection of water resources and low-carbon travel.
Center 66, Wuxi – Volunteers and tenants made environmentally friendly handicrafts with local pupils, and joined them in a range of fun sporting activities.
Heartland 66, Wuhan — Volunteers gave out hand-drawn eco-friendly bags and supplies to children from disadvantaged families and those with special needs.
Westlake 66, Hangzhou – On the bank of Qiantang River, our volunteer team and members of the public signed a letter of commitment promising to “Protect the Mother River and Not Throw Rubbish into Qiantang River”. Primary and middle school pupils were also invited to take part in a children's drama production to promote waste separation and environmental protection.
All the fabulous activities mentioned above could not have been successful without the strong support of the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Teams from Hong Kong and nine cities on the Mainland, as well as local government departments and social welfare organizations. In the future, we will continue to collaborate with like-minded stakeholders to contribute to the communities in which we operate.
Feedback from Partners and Participants

“I would like to thank Hang Lung for supporting HKFYG in promoting youth development, especially in the areas of personal growth and sustainable development. In 2021, thanks to subsidies from Hang Lung, more than 100 young people have taken part in various sports activities. And this farm visit has allowed the children to enjoy and learn about nature and how to protect the natural environment. It’s been a highly valuable experience for them,” said Lily Tse, Unit-in-charge of Community Sports Department, HKFYG.
“I am very grateful to Riverside 66 in Tianjin for its strong support of our work at the River Chief System Office. I am impressed by the sense of social responsibility and influence of the Hang Lung volunteer team in relation to sustainable development and environmental protection. This is the first time we have cooperated with Hang Lung, and a good foundation has been laid for better cooperation between us going forward. I hope we can work together in the future to protect water resources and promote sustainable development of the environment,” said representative of The River Chief System Office of Heping District, Tianjin.
“I have learnt a lot about environmental protection from this activity. From now on, I will think carefully and do sorting before throwing rubbish away. Thank you, Hang Lung, for giving me this gift bag full of useful items. My favorites are the environmentally friendly meal box and retractable cup. I will carry it with me so that I use less disposable tableware,” said Alice Luk, a primary student.
For more information about the Hang Lung's nationwide volunteer Day, please click here for highlights of the exciting activities.

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