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Hang Lung Properties Adopts Local Invention to Promote Customer, Tenant and Employee Wellbeing across its Designated Medical Hubs in Hong Kong
C-POLAR™ air filters are being installed to prevent transmission of airborne viruses including COVID-19
(Hong Kong, March 30, 2022) Wellbeing is one of Hang Lung Properties’ (Stock Code: 00101) (the “Company” or “Hang Lung”) sustainability priorities. Over the years, the Company has sought ways to enhance customer, tenant and employee wellbeing by providing safe and healthy environments through the use of the latest technologies. Hang Lung is pleased to be among the first commercial companies in Hong Kong to have adopted C-POLAR air filters, which have been tested by multiple overseas laboratories and been proven effective at arresting and killing airborne viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus, within five minutes. The air filters have been installed at the designated medical hub that houses prominent clinics and healthcare centers in Hang Lung Centre in Causeway Bay, and are currently being installed at the medical hubs in Grand Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui and Grand Plaza in Mongkok. The whole installation process will be completed in early April.

The C-POLAR air filter is the invention of a Hong Kong biotech start-up established in 2020. It garnered the Smart Living Grand Award at the Hong Kong ICT Award 2021, organized by Hong Kong ICT industry associations and professional bodies. The C-POLAR air filter uses polarity to tackle the negative charge property of viruses and bacteria to arrest and destroy them in fast air flow within a short contact time. The technology works independently of external energy, chemical consumption, and toxicity, and is therefore harmless to human body. With its proven effectiveness, the product has been adopted by a number of medical authorities, including the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) to produce N99 respirators for medical personnel. Hang Lung is among the first commercial companies in Hong Kong to have adopted C-POLAR air filters in their operations.

Ms. Helen Lau, Deputy Director (Head of Hong Kong Business Operation) of Hang Lung Properties, said, “We see the wellbeing of customers, tenants and employees as an important priority, and offering a safe and healthy environment to them is a crucial part of this. In order to live up to our motto, We Do It Well, we have been actively exploring new technologies to help safeguard the health and safety of our stakeholders. Soon after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we already started applying Germagic Thyme, a locally-developed smart coating that can inactivate up to 99.9% of highly infectious viruses, to sanitize the public areas of our medical hubs in Hong Kong. Now we are pleased to be one of the first in Hong Kong to install C-POLAR air filters at our medical hubs. We hope that these measures will offer extra protection to our customers, tenants and employees.” 

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