Foundations • Values

At the very heart of our everyday actions, as individuals and as a corporation, lies the cornerstone of integrity. It is this core value that guarantees that we build a sustainable future for our investors, our clients and our people. Promoting the very highest standards in corporate governance and professional ethics is not an aim but the very DNA upon which the company is built. We are proud to uphold a zero tolerance policy with regard to corruption and dishonesty, and to have in place systems and procedures that enhance transparency and accountability at all levels as well as checks and balances and a whistle-blowing policy that make integrity a way of life for our people.

We care for our people, whom we consider to be our most precious asset. We pride ourselves in people-focused policies that bring out the best in our staff by providing the most suitable workplace and resources for them. Hang Lung has established itself as the standard-bearer in human resource management with our ‘counting-on-talent’ policy. Hang Lung values commitment and excellence across all levels of the organization and believes in recognition for a job well done. Our award-winning Emerald Award program makes sure that your best efforts never go un-noticed. Designed to identify and reward employees who "Go the Extra Mile" the Emerald Award is responsible for building an environment in which our employees feel secure in the knowledge that they are an essential part of our infrastructure and are appreciated for all the good work they do. For more information on the features of our award-winning people policies, please refer to the Grow • Whole section of our website.

Every great company needs rock solid Foundations • Values and policies on which to build. We look at our achievements within our culture of excellence as only the beginning, and constantly challenge ourselves not to be satisfied with the best, but to always seek to better ourselves.

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