Work-life Balance

Grow • Whole

Hang Lung has always placed emphasis on the holistic development of its people. We are not anonymous workers on an assembly line but a rich tapestry of lives that brings our experiences, interests, and aspirations to the workplace in order to enhance a culture that supports, inspires, and enriches each individual to be the very best.

To achieve this, striking a balance between ‘work’ and ‘life’ is essential. A Hang Lung employee is a whole-person supported by a range of programs, events and policies that help you to contribute to our growth as a company by helping you to Grow • Whole, as a person.


Actively Holistic

Hang Lung brings colleagues together from all walks of life and working background to create a community that is vibrant in its passion for work, play, and service.

Throughout the year, we organize activities that encourage interaction, because our strength is in relationships that start between ourselves as a team and radiate out to our clients and partners. There is something for everyone and companionship to be found in every corner of Hang Lung, as individuals, teams, and the company flourish together.

As individuals we form part of a wider community beyond the walls of our offices. Hang Lung is very conscious of the need to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities it works with. The Hang Lung As One volunteer teams, set up in all of our offices, provide opportunities for our staff to give back to society and engage in meaningful volunteer work for the good of people in need. Being truly community focused and compassionate is a common value found from the very top of our corporate structure to the base, and encapsulates the need to be responsible and caring citizens.


Supportively Holistic

Achieving a work-life balance is not always easy in the hectic world that we live in. That’s why Hang Lung is always thinking of innovative conveniences for its staff that can contribute in little ways to making your life easier.

As our offices are always in prime locations in most metropolitan cities, finding a parking space for your car can often be a herculean task and make a sizeable dent in your wallet.  Hang Lung employees’ car park benefits make your journey to and from the office less stressful.

Our Bungalow in Lantau is one of the most widely utilized perks of belonging to the Hang Lung family. Offering the opportunity for respite and relaxation, the bungalow is open to groups of staff and their families to unwind and relax so that our workplace remains a stress-free environment.

Our Social Club, formed by colleagues coming from different departments, also organize a wide array of activities including interest classes and outdoor events, allowing families and friends to get together during non-office hours.

At Hang Lung we also ensure that your family is our family. To support the physical health of our employees and their loved ones, the company provides comprehensive health care for both employees and their dependents, including medical insurance, dental benefits and health checks, which prioritize your health and peace of mind.


Caringly Holistic

Good health is a blessing none of us can take for granted, and Hang Lung understands the need for a genuinely caring approach to employee health. The stresses and strains of modern living can take their toll on our minds and bodies, and your holistic development involves appropriate care for you whenever you need it. A counseling hotline ensures that you are never alone when you need someone to talk to, and our in-house health booths and regular health seminars help to promote a healthy working environment that keeps you always fighting fit.


Collectively Holistic

At Hang Lung we know that our employees are the great people they are today because of their families and loved ones. You care for them and we care for you, so our family-friendly policies are implemented with this collective responsibility at the forefront.

The simplest gestures can demonstrate how a caring community is built and maintained, and our tradition of presenting gifts to newly married couples and couples welcoming new members to their families, has been a source of great joy since its inception.

We recognize the important status of family in your lives and make it our business to provide a supportive environment to help you be an active part of your family. Our leave policies for marriage, maternity, paternity and for those important, unforeseen necessities are formulated to allow you to prioritize your life in line with correct family values. In addition, Hang Lung is pleased to provide breastfeeding facilities in all our offices for the convenience and safety of new mothers and their nursing babies.


Rewardingly Holistic

The Hang Lung work environment has been fine-tuned to empower our employees to excel, and when they do excel, we are there to make sure that due recognition is given to staff who "Go the Extra Mile". Our Emerald Award program, which recently won a Platinum Award at the internationally recognized Spotlight Awards, highlights the great work of our service champions and makes them role models for staff across the organization, inspiring us all to scale new heights.

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  • Work Life Balance
  • Work Life Balance
  • Work Life Balance

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