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Overall Rental Revenue
HK$ 7,751 Million
Underlying Net Profit
HK$ 4,387 Million
Net Assets per Share
HK$ 30.0
Dividends per Share
HK$ 0.75

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Innovation extends beyond the unique architectural design of our world-class developments to the outstanding creativity of our teams that has created unprecedented experience in all aspects of our business. Together with the constant enhancement of our Hang Lung Star Services, we are in the business of providing the ultimate lifestyle and shopping experience for customers.

Business Overview

Mainland China Property Leasing

Hong Kong Property Leasing

Hong Kong Property Sales & Development


Mainland China Properties Development


Hang Lung finds its unfaltering strength in prudent and comprehensive financial management strategies to maintain a strong financial position with a high degree of flexibility to meet the Company’s capital commitments and long-term business plans.


Hang Lung brings a great deal of benefit to the communities in which it finds itself and yet recognizes its own reliance on and responsibility for the common good. As a good corporate citizen, Hang Lung commits itself to the sustainable growth of its whole ecosystem from its staff to the wider community and the environment.