Hang Lung Properties Annual Report 2019

Chairman’s Letter to Shareholders

Chairman, Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, continues to pen his Chairman’s Letter to Shareholders to share his analysis of the Company’s business performance and outlook, and his views on macro issues. Taking into account the outbreak of COVID-19, he specifically writes about the effect of the epidemic on our business in the Addendum.

Financial Highlights

Overall Property
Leasing Revenue

HK$ 8,556 Million


Net Profit

HK$ 4,474 Million


Net Assets Attributable to
Shareholder per Share

HK$ 30.8


per Share

HK$ 0.76


Our Five
Overarching Strategies

Be Customer

Build Hang Lung
Branded Experience



Uphold Hang Lung
Core Values

Guided by our Five Overarching Strategies, we put customer-centricity at the heart of our operations. By embracing the advantages of advancing technology, and with disciplined execution, we are taking the customer experience of the Hang Lung brand to a new level. Exemplary corporate governance remains the cornerstone of our beliefs. We make sure integrity and an ethical approach are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture – not only at the very highest levels, but also throughout our day-to-day operations.

Review of Operations

Portfolio Key Facts
and Figures
Mainland China and Hong Kong
Property Leasing, and Hong Kong
Property Sales and Development

Financial Review

We maintain an appropriate capital structure with a high degree of agility to ensure access to sufficient financial resources for meeting operational needs and capital commitments, and to seize investment opportunities when they arise for sustaining long-term growth.

Sustainable Development

Hang Lung remains steadfast in integrating sustainability principles into its business value chain and serving communities in which we operate.