Corporate Milestones


Since our establishment in 1960, we have grown into a leading developer on the strength of our experience in building communities.


Founding of Hang Lung Development Company

Hang Lung Development Company Limited (as the Hang Lung Group Limited was known at the time) was founded by Mr. Chan Tseng-hsi and incorporated in Hong Kong on September 13, 1960.


Opening of Hang Lung-Hakuyosha

A dry cleaning and laundry joint venture, Hang Lung-Hakuyosha, was formed and the first store was opened in 1965.


Listing of Hang Lung Development Company

Hang Lung Development Company Limited was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on October 12, 1972.


Opening of Hong Kong Matsuzakaya Department Store

Hong Kong Matsuzakaya Department Store, 50% owned by Hang Lung, opened at Hang Lung Centre in Causeway Bay on April 22, 1975.


Developing Telford Gardens

The Mass Transit Railway Corporation, Hang Lung Development Company Limited and Hopewell Holdings Limited signed an agreement to develop Telford Gardens above MTR Kowloon Bay Station. The project was completed in 1982.

Source: Building Journal Hong Kong


Developing Amoy Gardens and Amoy Plaza

A site in Kowloon Bay was acquired for redevelopment into a residential and commercial complex (now Amoy Gardens and Amoy Plaza). The project was completed in 1987.

Source: Building Journal Hong Kong


Acquisition of Stake in Amoy Canning Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited

Hang Lung Development Company Limited, through its subsidiary Prosperland Housing Limited, acquired 63% stake in Amoy Canning Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited (now Hang Lung Properties) from the Sime Darby Group.


Development Rights over MTR Island Line Sites

Headed a consortia and succeeded in acquiring the development rights over nine MTR Island Line sites (including the residential development in Kornhill).


Hang Lung Development Company as a Constituent Stock of the Hang Seng Index

Hang Lung Development Company Limited became a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index on December 2, 1985.


Amoy Properties Limited

Amoy Canning Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited was renamed Amoy Properties Limited, and became the property investment arm of Hang Lung Development Company Limited.


Acquisition of Commercial Property in Causeway Bay

The Group acquired 32,000 sq.m. of commercial property in Causeway Bay through Amoy Properties Limited (properties fronting Paterson Street, Houston Street, Great George Street, Cleveland Street, Kingston Street and Gloucester Road – previously Daimaru, now Fashion Walk) for HK$1,600 million.


Acquisition of the Peak Site

The Peak site (now Peak Galleria) was acquired through Amoy Properties Limited for commercial purposes.


Mr. Ronnie C. Chan became Chair

Mr. Ronnie C. Chan became Chair of Hang Lung Development Company Limited and Amoy Properties Limited.


First Step into the Mainland Market

Amoy Properties Limited, through a consortium headed by Hang Lung Development Company Limited, took its first step into the Mainland by participating in a complex development in Shanghai, which has become Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai.


Purchase of the Standard Chartered Bank Building

The Standard Chartered Bank Building was purchased through Amoy Properties Limited.


Opening of Peak Galleria

Peak Galleria, as a famous landmark in Hong Kong, opened on February 5, 1993.


Amoy Properties as a Constituent Stock of the Hang Seng Index

Amoy Properties Limited was selected as a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index.


Opening of Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai

The shopping mall of Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai commenced operations on December 28, 1999. Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai is the Group’s first large-scale complex in mainland China comprising a mall, office towers, and serviced apartments.


Opening of Plaza 66, Shanghai

Plaza 66, Shanghai commenced operations on July 14, 2001. The multi-purpose project comprises a mall and two office towers. Plaza 66, Shanghai has become Home to Luxury.


Renamed as Hang Lung Group Limited

Hang Lung Development Company Limited was renamed Hang Lung Group Limited.


Renamed as Hang Lung Properties Limited

Amoy Properties Limited was renamed Hang Lung Properties Limited.


Establishment of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards

Founded in 2004, the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards blazed a trail in secondary school mathematics education in Hong Kong.


Opening of Palace 66, Shenyang

Palace 66, Shenyang opened on June 26, 2010.


Opening of Parc 66, Jinan

Parc 66, Jinan opened on August 26, 2011.


Opening of Forum 66, Shenyang

Forum 66, Shenyang opened on September 28, 2012.


Opening of Center 66, Wuxi

Center 66, Wuxi opened on September 16, 2013.


Opening of Riverside 66, Tianjin

Riverside 66, Tianjin opened on September 26, 2014.


Opening of Olympia 66, Dalian

Olympia 66, Dalian opened on September 9, 2016.


Land acquisition in Hangzhou for 11th Mainland Development

Hang Lung announced the acquisition of a land site for commercial mixed-use development located in Hangzhou to curate a world-class iconic landmark for the city. 

Launch of “HOUSE 66"

September 7, 2018, sees the beginning of a customer relationship management program rooted in the desire to build a long-term personal connection with our closest clients.


Opening of Spring City 66, Kunming

Spring City 66, Kunming opened on August 23, 2019.


Opening of Conrad Shenyang

Conrad Shenyang, the first Mainland hotel project in which Hang Lung Properties has invested, opened at Forum 66 in Shenyang on September 1, 2019.


The New Face of Peak Galleria

The facelifted Peak Galleria was unveiled in the second half of 2019.


Set up of the "Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund"

Hang Lung Properties announced a donation of RMB 10 million to set up the “Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund” in February 2020, to provide targeted support for urgent public pandemic countermeasures and for the most severely affected in our communities across Hong Kong and the Mainland.


Launch of “HANGOUT”

Hang Lung launched its first multi-functional office and business space, named HANGOUT on September 11, 2020.


Appointment of Mr. Adriel Chan as Vice Chair of Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties

Mr. Adriel Chan was appointed as Vice Chair of Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties on September 13, 2020, coinciding with the day marking Hang Lung Group’s 60th anniversary.


Partnership with Hyatt for Luxury Hotel in Kunming

Hang Lung Properties unveils partnership with Hyatt Hotels Corporation to operate the Company’s new luxury hotel - Grand Hyatt Kunming. The hotel is scheduled to open in 2024. 

Announcement of Sustainability Goals and Targets for 2030

Hang Lung announced a set of sustainability Goals and Targets to be achieved by 2030, reaffirming a long-standing commitment to creating sustainable value and reflecting its ambition to become one of the most sustainable real estate companies in the world.


Hang Lung “66” Brand Rejuvenated

Hang Lung Properties unveiled its new Hang Lung “66” brand, signifying how the Group intends to grow beyond its important 60th Anniversary milestone.


Completion of Shouson Hill Road Acquisition

The land acquisition at 37 Shouson Hill Road in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island was completed in February 2021. The site is currently under development into luxurious houses.

Westlake 66 Hangzhou to Welcome First Mandarin Oriental

Hang Lung Properties partnered with Mandarin Oriental to open the first Mandarin Oriental in Hangzhou at the Westlake 66 complex. The hotel is scheduled to open in 2025. 

Opening of Heartland 66, Wuhan

Heartland 66, Wuhan opened on March 25, 2021. 


Launch of hello Hang Lung Malls Rewards Program

With the launch of the hello Hang Lung Malls Rewards Program and Hang Lung Malls App even more extraordinary shopping experiences await consumers.


The Launch of Hang Lung Residences

The Hang Lung Residences brand brings a new level of premium living to mainland China with the launch of its serviced residences on June 29, 2021.


A New Landmark in Kowloon East Unveiled

Hang Lung Properties unveiled the name of its new residential project in Kowloon East — "THE APERTURE".

Announcement of 25 x 25 Sustainability Targets

Hang Lung takes another big step forward by establishing 25 targets to be achieved by the end of 2025. It defined concrete and quantifiable measures to address significant sustainability challenges, providing our employees a clear sustainability agenda for the next four years. 


Hang Lung’s First Property 100% Powered by Renewable Energy

Spring City 66, Kunming becomes Hang Lung’s first property 100% powered by renewable energy.


Setting Science-Based Targets to Reach Net-Zero Emissions by 2050

Hang Lung is among the first real estate companies in Asia to commit to setting both near-term and long-term targets to reach net-zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions by no later than 2050.


Announcement of “Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund 2.0”

Hang Lung announced a donation of HK$ 10 million in February 2022 to endow the “Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund 2.0” to fully support pandemic countermeasures in Hong Kong and mainland China.


Debut of the Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program

Initiated and organized by Hang Lung Properties, the Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program aims to empower women’s development while enhancing community wellbeing.


Launch of the World's First Model of Sustainability Partnership with LVMH Group

Hang Lung Properties and LVMH collaborate on a pioneering and ambitious partnership on sustainability initiatives across mainland China, leading climate and sustainability action in real estate and retail globally. 

228 Electric Road Redevelopment Project Completed

With the completion of the redevelopment project, 228 Electric Road, a new landmark rises on the North Point harborside.