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hello Hang Lung Malls Rewards Program

The hello Hang Lung Malls Rewards Program offers bespoke shopping experiences on an all-in-one platform. 

Members can access the latest promotions and event information from over 600 merchants across Hang Lung’s malls, including Fashion Walk, Peak Galleria, the Central Portfolio, Kornhill Plaza, Amoy Plaza, Grand Plaza, Gala Place, and Hollywood Plaza. 

Through our App, they can also earn hello points for in-mall spending to redeem exclusive privileges and unique experiences, or convert to hello dollar and use as cash at hello dollar participating tenants.

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Exclusive benefits

Hang Lung is committed to enhancing the customer experience. Besides accessing a variety of unique experiences, such as yoga classes at Peak Galleria, pet massage and training workshops, and private branded sales events, Program members will also be able to enjoy the latest time-limited offers across Hang Lung’s portfolio of malls.

From exclusive discounts to tailored privileges that cater to different tastes and individual preferences, the Program is the ultimate gateway to a world of exciting discoveries.


Exquisite rewards

Hang Lung’s malls comprise a wide variety of tenants that appeal to customers from all walks of life. To meet their increasingly diverse expectations, the Program offers a thoughtfully curated range of rewards for redemption, such as e-shopping coupons, skincare products, and electronic gadgets. 

Members who prefer unique experiences can also choose from themed tours, private movie screenings, personal styling services, afternoon tea hosted by renowned brands – and more.


Distinct partner privileges

Hang Lung works with a diverse list of partners that includes local NGOs to provide members of the hello Hang Lung Malls Rewards Program with a wider range of redemption options, so that they can connect with the community while creating value in the interest of sustainable development.

Stellar services



Hang Lung’s emphasis on customer-centricity drives us to "Go the Extra Mile" by shaping all our offerings with their needs, aspirations, and wellbeing in mind.

For enhanced shopping experiences with us, customers can approach the concierge desk at our malls to enjoy personalized services designed for their convenience and comfort – including but not limited to umbrella and mobile phone charger rentals.