Elderly Services

Population aging is a global phenomenon and dementia, in particular, is a growing concern among the elderly in recent years. There is also a pressing need to tackle the social issues and challenges faced by the elderly who live alone and those with chronic illnesses. Through outreach programs, we endeavor to extend a warm helping hand to the elderly and raise public awareness about their needs, to create an age-friendly community. 


Love.No.Limit Dementia Friendly Program

Hang Lung partnered with the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (HKYWCA) in 2021 to launch a three-year scheme – the Hang Lung x HKYWCA Love·No·Limit Dementia Friendly Program to offer support to dementia patients and their carersand to build an inclusive, dementia-friendly environment in the community

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Caring for the Elderly

The Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team has long collaborated with Lok Kwan Social Service to provide community services to elderly people living alone. During the height of the pandemic, the Volunteer Team introduced the “Caring for the Elderly As One” program, which included weekly calls to the elderly, the provision of the health protection and food kits as gifts to help the elderly weather the crisis. 

Over the years, the volunteer team has also collaborated with various local social welfare organizations to arrange outings and visits for elderly people in need of care and support.