Sustainable Transactions

We aim to promote sustainability practices in all types of business transactions at all stages of our value chain: the materials we procure, the contractors we engage, our sources and uses of capital, and forms of collaboration with our tenants and customers through partnerships and contractual obligation. We will make our own efforts as well as work through relevant information platforms, associations and like-minded organizations to advance this agenda.

2030 Goal

Collaborate with all suppliers and customers to advance our sustainability priorities.

2030 Targets

  • Implement supplier evaluation and ranking system
  • Engage all tenants on emissions reduction, resource management, and wellbeing enhancement

25 x 25 Sustainability Targets

  • Embrace technology to build a robust digital platform for assessing suppliers’ ESG performance
  • 100% of marketing events evaluated for their sustainability impacts
  • 100% of leases incorporate sustainability provisions
  • 50% of total debts and available facilities from sustainable finance
  • 100% of potential asset acquisitions include ESG due diligence

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We adopted multiple approaches to embed sustainability into the upstream of our supply chain:

  • Our Sustainable Procurement Policy for Goods and Services is in place to encourage our employees, suppliers and contractors in Hong Kong to source environmentally responsible materials, adopt simple packaging and recycle waste;
  • Our suppliers and contractors are required to abide by our Code of Conduct for Contractors, which stipulates our sustainability principles and minimum requirements;
  • We appoint designated safety consultants as independent parties to monitor the safety performance of our contractors at key projects in mainland China.

Sustainable Finance

Given increasing demand for sustainable investment opportunities in both Hong Kong and mainland China, we issued our inaugural Green Panda Bond in 2018. This was our first attempt to explore the feasibility of leveraging sustainable financing transactions to create lasting benefit for both our business and society at large. We also secured our maiden green loan in December 2019 from OCBC Bank to support sustainable development in the real estate industry in mainland China. This green loan is the first financial instrument issued under our Hang Lung Properties Green Finance Framework. In 2020, we secured our first two sustainability-linked loan (SLL) facility agreements.

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