Customer Engagement

Exemplifying the service philosophy of customer-centricity, Hang Lung strives for excellence by providing personalized services to our customers, tenants and community to experience the unique Hang Lung branded experience.

hello Hang Lung Malls Rewards Program

Launched in 2021, the hello Hang Lung Malls Rewards Program offers bespoke shopping experiences to meet the different tastes and individual preferences of customers in Hong Kong. Members can access the latest promotions and event information from over 600 merchants across Hang Lung’s seven malls and Central Portfolio in the city.



Spanning 10 Hang Lung projects in eight cities across mainland China, the HOUSE 66 loyalty program offers superior shopping experiences, prestigious privileges and bespoke services for fostering more personal relationships with our customers.


Hang Lung places customer centricity at the heart of our operations. We are honored to have received international recognition for our efforts in customer engagement and community relations. We value business development that goes hand in hand with social responsibility and encourage continuous innovation to prepare for the exciting growth of the company in the future.

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HOUSE 66 Campaign:
The nationwide HOUSE 66 campaign sparks a series of events across 10 Hang Lung shopping malls, from interactive installation, HOUSE 66 exclusive gifts, ice cream giveaways to unique member experiences such as equestrian, golf, and craft workshops. Moreover, HOUSE 66 launched the first member-exclusive engagement day, offering special privileges and deluxe experiences.​

Center 66 joined hands with a luxury jewelry brand to present a themed Gala dinner, where selected HOUSE 66 members were invited to appreciate jewelry and enjoy customized French dinner with a touch of Wuxi cuisine. 

This event at Heartland 66 featured a fabulous magic show - "Magical Heartbeat" performed by world-renowned magicians. Customers had a great time meeting celebrity and exploring multifaceted international brands and luxury fashion items at Heartland 66. 

Airline Tickets Grabber:
The “Airline Tickets Grabber” was held at Fashion Walk, offering 1,000 complimentary round-trip air tickets and featuring a “Gacha” game at Paterson Street. hello additionally distributed HK$300,000 worth of Hang Lung e-shopping coupons exclusive to members.

Equestrian member experience:
Parc 66 offered a series of exclusive equestrian experiences to selected House 66 members including equestrian training and performance, craft workshop, professional photography and luxury chauffeur service, leaving lasting memories for our members.

The annual “HOME TO LUXURY” Party hosted by Plaza 66, Shanghai features interactive booths set up by prestigious brands to surprise members with exclusive privileges and gifts through games for an exquisite and exciting shopping experience.

Treasures for Chinese New Year: 
Collaborating with a renowned TV program and IP “National Treasure”, seven Hang Lung shopping malls adopted the theme “Treasures for Chinese New Year” for the last Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. The event infused our cities with light and glamour, connecting customers and communities with the joy of the celebration through decorations and installations, as well as interactive elements and a variety of experiential activities including festive performances, markets, check-in installations and the opportunity to create exclusive auspicious greetings.

Cross-mall festive campaign: 
A cross-mall festive campaign was launched last December at seven Hang Lung malls. Warm winter decorations brought the narrative of seasonal stories to life in a joyfully festive atmosphere that became a backdrop for many family photographs as we shared season’s greetings with the wider community.

Summer Splash Boat Party: 
Last summer, HOUSE 66 hosted a VIP boat party to offer selected top-tier members an unforgettable experience at sea. Amid relaxing live music, they were treated to a decadent assortment of appetizers while taking in majestic sunset views of the city from the harbor.

66 Brand Day: 
At the “66 Brand Day” event, “Green Energy Stations” were set up along with carbon neutrality and biodiversity-themed arts and crafts workshops to enhance members’ appreciation of eco-protection. The event was organized in collaboration with NGO groups as part of Hang Lung’s efforts to fulfil its commitment to sustainability.


Olympia 66, an iconic Dalian landmark, held a grand celebration of its spectacular lineup of international brands and brand-new look. With 16 major events and two celebrity guests, the extravaganza brought fashion, culture, and art together to showcase the unique experiences that Olympia 66 has to offer.

Olympia 66, Dalian, VIP dinner: 
Selected HOUSE 66 members were invited to an immersive art dinner, which ignited the senses of guests as they dined amidst the interweaving of light and shadow, sound and painting, fragrance and taste, enjoying creative and beautiful food.

Louis XIII VIP Dinner: 
At a VIP dinner jointly hosted by Hang Lung and Louis XIII, members were transported back in time through the brand history and culture of Louis XIII as shared by its brand ambassador. They were also guided through a tasting session complemented by a wide assortment of dishes to round up a most pleasant evening.

At the “SPRING INTO LIFE​” event hosted by Spring City 66, Kunming, members were treated to a carnival for the senses through a variety of activities, including performances by roving flash mobs and an international circus troupe, as part of Hang Lung’s unique initiative to contribute to the pulse of the city.

Camping Movie Night: 
In conjunction with the “Double Seven Festival”, HOUSE 66 organized “Starlite Cinema”, an outdoor movie night for members who were treated to a thoughtful selection of movies while being comfortably seated in a tent. Photo-friendly backdrops and refreshment stalls were also set up to offer them a romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day experience.

Matsukiyo VIP Shopping Day: 
To celebrate the grand opening of Matsukiyo’s Hong Kong flagship store at Fashion Walk, members were offered a VIP pre-sale pass which entitled them to a range of exclusive privileges, such as access to a members-only shopping day, special discounts, free gifts, and exclusive opening day souvenirs.