Sustainability Framework & Targets

Our latest sustainability framework, which comprises three foundations and four priorities, aim to provide a well-defined direction for Hang Lung to create sustainable values for our stakeholders and in the long run, to achieve sustainability leadership.

Three Foundations: The three foundations describe the core organizational contexts and indispensable principles underlying all our sustainability efforts.

Four Priorities: The four priorities reflect the top four material sustainability issues of Hang Lung, where we will aim to make significant progress and support our leadership ambitions in the next decade.

  • Climate ResilienceAdapt to climate change and decarbonize our business
  • Resource ManagementOptimize use and management of natural resources (energy, water, and materials)
  • WellbeingSustain a healthy, inclusive and safe environment and promote social wellbeing
  • Sustainable TransactionsPromote sustainability practices in all types of business transactions