Youth Development & Education 

We believe that education is the bedrock of social and economic development, and the knowledge gained through education empowers members of society to continuously improve the world we are living in. The Company has a tradition of supporting youth development and education.

Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program

Initiated and organized by Hang Lung Properties, and co-organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Leadership Institute,  Shanghai Xuhui District and Jing’an District Women's Federation, the Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program is a brand-new nationwide community investment project to facilitate women’s development,  support them to break through psychological barriers and to further reinforce Hang Lung’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion and wellbeing in the community.

The inaugural edition of the Program aims to engage 40 elite women leaders from various fields as program mentors. They will groom 200 female university students from across the country to develop personal and professional leadership skills and tap their inner strengths through a six-month mentorship, multi-dimensional training, and community / sustainability projects. Outstanding students will receive internship opportunities provided by Hang Lung or mentors’ companies. Furthermore, the program will also establish a more efficient and broader communication platform between young women in Hong Kong and Shanghai through online inspirational talks, and equip them to be future leaders who can make better decisions for the world.

Hang Lung Mathematics Awards (HLMA)

Established in 2004, the biennial Hang Lung Mathematics Awards (HLMA) aims to empower secondary school students in Hong Kong to realize their creative potential in mathematics and the sciences, ignite their passion for intellectual discovery in the interests of society and humankind, and advance the development of STEM education. Over the years, the HLMA has attracted over 2,400 participants from around 200 secondary schools and has received almost 400 research reports, many demonstrating university-level academic standards. A total of HK$8 million in prize money has been awarded to past HLMA winners.
The HLMA is unlike any other in that its focus is not on answering a set of pre-determined questions, but stretches students to think beyond what they know through original independent research on a suitable mathematics topic under the supervision of a teacher. Student research reports are then submitted to the Scientific Committee comprising a panel of distinguished mathematicians from around the world. Finalists are invited to an oral defense of their research before the Scientific Committee, who will then decide on the winners of prize money totalling HK$1 million.
Beginning in 2021, Hang Lung Properties is partnering with The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to co-organize the HLMA. Under this partnership, Hang Lung Properties will donate HK$2.5 million to each edition of the competition, of which HK$1 million will be set aside as prize money. The remaining endowment will fund academic consultations, professional adjudication, educational resources, guidance and mentoring, and associated efforts. HKUST will also offer scholarships for teachers nominated by their schools to pursue a Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators.
Please visit the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards website for further details.

The Hang Lung Center for Real Estate, Tsinghua University, Beijing

On April 23, 2010, we celebrated a major milestone in our community outreach calendar with the opening of the Hang Lung Center for Real Estate at Tsinghua University in Beijing. With a donation of HK$30 million, the Hang Lung Real Estate Research Fund under the Tsinghua University Education Foundation was established, supporting the Center in its role as a research institute jointly developed by Tsinghua's School of Civil Engineering, School of Economics and Management and School of Architecture.

This development leverages the University's multi-disciplinary strengths and distinguished faculty to attract scholars of international standing to build a world-class academic team in the areas of housing policy and security, land management and urban development. In addition, the Center provides research backup to the government in the formulation of policy, ensuring sustainable urban development and healthy growth of the market on the Mainland.

In order to foster academic exchange in the real estate sector, the Center is planning to launch a series of “Hang Lung Real Estate Seminars”. The first seminar was held on March 22, 2012. Ms. Zhang Qinghua, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Economics from the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, presented a thesis named “Market Thickness and the Impact of Unemployment on Housing Market Outcomes”.

Hang Lung Young Architects Program (HLYAP)

Hang Lung Properties partnered with local social enterprise “Walk in Hong Kong” in 2017 and 2019 to organize the year-long “Hang Lung Young Architects Program”. Through their participation in an array of walking tours, seminars, interactive workshops, and the final creative competition, secondary school students discovered the relationship between architecture and the community, delved deep into the culture and history of Hong Kong’s architectural gems, and honed their own architectural knowledge and skills. The program invited leaders from architecture and academia to join as Program Advisors and members of the Judging Panel alongside representatives from Hang Lung’s management team. Meanwhile, the younger generation of architects and university students became the program’s architect leaders and mentors in support of students on their journey. The program attracted nearly 700 students from 80 secondary schools to participate, and provided close to 20,000 training hours to student participants.

“Walking Through Arts with Kids” Program

To help underprivileged children with special education needs (SEN) gain a broader experience of life, we partnered with St. James’ Settlement to introduce a volunteer program in 2021, named “Walking Through Arts with Kids”, during which our volunteers contributed 200 service hours to help children experience various art forms, including dance therapy and arts and crafts workshops.

In 2022, with the addition of sustainability elements to the program, it is hoped that SEN students’ awareness of environmental protection will be enhanced while opening their eyes to the world. 

Green Education Initiatives

Environmental sustainability requires a whole-society approach to succeed, and Hang Lung has made a concerted effort to fully engage the wider community through partnerships with community groups and NGOs. Together, we have brought the important message of environmental protection to the next generation through a broad range of educational programs and activities.

Through the Hang Lung As One volunteer teams in Hong Kong and mainland China, we have deployed a number of green educational initiatives to provide opportunities for students to appreciate the beauty and value of the natural environment and inspire and empower them to action. With topics such as low-carbon living, reducing energy consumption, waste reduction, and conserving the natural environment, our teams have facilitated engaging programs that have included, among others, waste upcycling workshops, tree-planting and cleaning activities as well as eco tours, night safaris.

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