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Sustainability Highlights

Leadership in sustainability is rooted in our genuine care for people, communities, and the environment, and making the best possible decisions for a better tomorrow.

Group level sustainability partnership between real estate and retail sector (LVMH)

real estate company in Hong Kong and mainland China to have its near-term and long-term targets endorsed under SBTi’s Net-Zero Standard

Spring City 66, Kunming is the first commercial development in Yunnan Province to achieve net zero carbon emissions from landlord's and tenants' electricity consumption

strategic collaboration with CLEANCO2 on reusing waste concrete and low carbon concrete commercial application to reduce embodied carbon in development projects

Sustainability Framework

Our latest sustainability framework, which the four priorities reflect the top four material sustainability issues of Hang Lung, where we will aim to make significant progress and support out leadership ambitions in the next decade.
Four Priorities

Climate Resilience

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Four Priorities

Resource Management

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Four Priorities


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Four Priorities

Sustainable transactions

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