Women’s Empowerment

Women have always been the primary supporting force of the family, society, and the nation at large. We actively engage government, industry, and NGO partners, as well as society at large, in the promotion and support of developing women’s roles in the community and the workplace, to enhance the wellbeing of society as a whole.


Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program

Initiated and organized by Hang Lung Properties, the Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program is a nationwide community investment project to facilitate women’s development and to further reinforce Hang Lung’s commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion and wellbeing in the community

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Women’s Wellbeing

Partnering with the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres, we invited underprivileged working women to become instructors to teach our volunteers how to make handicrafts. This not only enhanced their self-confidence and sense of value, but also encouraged them to step into society with full faith in themselves.  

We also invited underprivileged women to participate in outings and workshops to take a relaxing breather from their hectic lives. Gift bags including meal coupons and anti-epidemic items were distributed to provide tangible support to alleviate their burdens.