Through our sustainability governance structure, we aim to create accountability at all levels, so that everyone and each party is well aware of their role and responsibilities in contributing to the sustainability objectives of the Group.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible to oversee the broader sustainability megatrends, risks and opportunities that would affect the long-term development and positioning of the Group.

The Joint Statement on Oversight and Management of Environmental, Social and Governance Issues is a statement from the Boards of Directors (“Boards”) of Hang Lung Group Limited and Hang Lung Properties Limited (collectively the “Group”) explaining the Boards’ oversight of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) issues and how the Group approaches the management of ESG issues.

Top Management

The top management determines the overall strategic direction of the Group to achieve sustainable growth, while benefiting the society. It also endorses the key policies of our sustainability focus areas.

Sustainability Steering Committee

The Sustainability Steering Committee reviews and monitors the Group’s progress on various sustainability actions plans, targets and performance indicators.
Terms of Reference

Sustainability Team

The key functions of the Sustainability Team include:

  • Support the development of the sustainability strategy
  • Set goals and coordinate internal efforts to implement the strategy
  • Ensure stakeholders are informed about the Group’s sustainability performance, and collaborate with them to drive positive change
  • Build sustainability awareness
  • Establish the Group as a sustainability leader