Dong Yandong and Sophie Dong of Olympia 66: Family Ties at Hang Lung

Hang Lung Stories

Hang Lung has been progressively expanding its Mainland portfolio since the 1990s and has now successfully established operations in nine cities, namely Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, Wuhan, and Hangzhou. With 11 projects and more than 4,000 employees in China, it is not uncommon for two generations of one family to be working under the same roof. Dong Yandong and Sophie Dong of Olympia 66 in Dalian are one of the Group’s father-daughter teams.
Dong Yandong joined Hang Lung in 2015, and has since been working in the Service Delivery Department. He still remembers making the decision to apply after hearing that the Group was holding a recruitment event in Dalian. He already had 20 years of professional experience in power electronics under his belt at the time, and Olympia 66 was yet to open. He says with confidence, “I had complete faith in my professionalism. I was hired after just one interview!” This is one of the accomplishments he is most proud of.
In addition to staying committed to his post in the Service Delivery Department, he has also grown alongside Hang Lung. “Be it escalators, stage lighting, or tenants’ electrical equipment, I provide timely support wherever I’m needed,” he says. Having joined the team when the project was still a construction site, his work was a continuous process of learning as the team overcame various difficulties while technology evolved with each passing day. “One example was a new computerized stage lighting system installed in the mall. We spent a week learning how to operate it and solved the problems in no time!”
Yandong says that he loves working at the company, “Hang Lung’s corporate culture is truly superb. The trust between teams is rock solid. Everyone who works here always does their best to reach perfection.” Because of this, he fully supported his daughter’s plan to join the Hang Lung family after graduating from university.
Sophie joined Olympia 66 in 2019 immediately after graduation, and currently works in the Human Resources Department. Like her father, she greatly appreciates Hang Lung’s corporate culture. “The company treats employees like family. There’s no divide between employees and management – even the General Manager eats lunch with us. The company also provides great welfare benefits. For example, family members are also covered by employee insurance. I too enjoyed the benefits of Dad’s insurance when I was at school.”
Sophie candidly says that she was very fortunate to have begun her working life at Hang Lung as a university graduate. Her job has given her numerous learning opportunities including being able to tap the wealth of professional knowledge of her experienced colleagues. She certainly feels it as given her a head start in her career development. “Besides work, the company has also enriched my life. For example, I’ve participated in various activities, such as visiting the elderly as part of the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team and learning about the work of guide dogs, which has helped me grow on a personal level.”
This father-daughter team’s most unforgettable memory at Hang Lung is last year’s annual company dinner, at which Sophie served as the emcee and also won the “Hang Lung’s Got Talent” contest with a team dance performance. “My colleagues worked hard during office hours and practiced diligently after getting off work. Everyone in the team was full of enthusiasm. It makes you feel that this is a united and ambitious family,” she says with excitement. Her father, Yandong, who was in the audience at the time, was so proud to see his daughter up on stage.
As Hang Lung Group welcomes its 60th anniversary, Yandong and Sophie both look forward to continuing their journey of growth and creating a better tomorrow hand in hand with the company.


Sophie Dong (2nd from left) as the emcee of the 2019 annual dinner in Olympia 66


Dong Yandong from Service Delivery Department at Olympia 66 in Dalian