Grand Gateway 66: The Jewel of Xujiahui

Hang Lung Stories
Grand Gateway 66 has been a favorite retail destination in Shanghai since it opened in 1999. To stay competitive in the market, Grand Gateway 66 began its Asset Enhancement Initiative in the second quarter of 2017, following in the successful footsteps of Plaza 66’s renovation project. The massive transformation started with the annex building (now called the North Building). Almost fully let, the North Building reopened in September 2018. The second phase of the renovation at the main building (now called South Building) will be completed within 2020.

The design concept for Grand Gateway 66 focuses not only on the aesthetics but also on tailoring the environment to customers’ needs. Hang Lung assembled a team of internationally renowned architects and designers to make it a reality. AGC is the executive architect for the entire project, KPF (New York) is the façade designer for the Rotunda, a main feature of the South Building. For the interiors, we engaged Elena Galli Giallini Limited as the design architect and interior designer for the whole mall, and Girimun Architects Limited as the logistic planner and office interior designer.

The timing for this much needed, comprehensive renovation was just right. It was an opportunity for the mall to adapt to contemporary demands. Throughout the design process, the team worked closely with all stakeholders. The final approved direction was the result of a sensitive decision-making process that took into consideration the aesthetic, practicality, budget, planning, and implementation constraints.

Customers can already appreciate something of the impressive new design concept at the reopened North Building and the renovated Office Tower One. The bold contrast of the bronze color pillars against the pale walls and floors exudes a young yet elegant look. The tailor-made hexagon light fittings and tranches, and bronze handles and solid wood rails are of bespoke craftsmanship that speaks luxury.
In the previous design, the two buildings of Grand Gateway 66 were quite stand-alone. To enhance the accessibility, the once enclosed and solid bridges linking the two buildings were opened up as a series of staggered retail spaces with new areas for pop-up stores and events. The addition of a footbridge at the third floor also integrates the two buildings as does the enhanced basement access with a new metro exit. A once hidden and underrated basement zone is now opened to the entire complex. Another feature that customers will find appealing is the rejuvenation of “The Lane”, an internal street with restaurants and cafes where customers can relax.

With improved hardware and Hang Lung’s branded experience and positioning, Grand Gateway 66 is set to become the Jewel of Xujiahui.

Grand Gateway 66 is set to become the Jewel of Xujiahui