Hang Lung 913 Birthday Stars: A Joyful Serendipity

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September 13 is the big day, marking the establishment of Hang Lung Group. Within the team of over 5,000 employees spanning Hong Kong and nine Mainland cities, some members of the Hang Lung family share the same birthday as the Group. Five of these “913 Birthday Stars”, who are based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenyang, are excited to share their good wishes and thoughts for Hang Lung as the Group celebrates its 60th Anniversary.
Edna Chow from the Development & Design Department joined the Hang Lung family in 2015, and is celebrating her fifth birthday with Hang Lung. She recalls the time before she joined Hang Lung, when she was an interior designer who paid particular attention to Hang Lung’s architecture. She says, “The architectural designs of Hang Lung’s projects are highly admired in the industry. At that time, I was looking for a job and found that Hang Lung was recruiting. That is how I became a member of the Hang Lung family.” When Edna learned that she shares her birthday with Hang Lung, she was so happy. “What a joyful serendipity it is!” she says with a big smile.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Edna had an unusual birthday this year. “I stayed at home to have dinner with my family instead of going out because of the pandemic,” she shares, “Yet, as my nephew, whose birthday is also September 13, was not able to return to Scotland for his studies due to the pandemic, he had a birthday celebration with me. I was so happy!”
Unlike Edna, Sherry Shen from Shanghai is a “freshman” in Hang Lung. She joined the family as a management trainee in July this year. Although she has been with the team for just a few months, she truly feels that Hang Lung is a “warm family”. She says, “Being Shanghainese, I have looked upon Hang Lung as a symbol of luxury since my childhood. After joining Hang Lung, I find that it is a company filled with warmth. As a new joiner, I have received a lot of guidance and care from my seniors and experienced Hang Lung’s culture of ‘Care About People’ in person.”
For Sherry, September 13 this year is not only a big day for Hang Lung but also a memorable birthday for herself. She says cheerfully, “This is my first birthday since graduating and a very special birthday for me – I am entering society from university. I am growing with Hang Lung. In celebration I bought some mini cakes to share with my colleagues.” Sherry also received a birthday surprise when she was invited to join her first Hang Lung staff birthday party. She was so excited to get involved and even helped with decorating the party venue.
Sharing the same feelings as Sherry, Lam Kwok Wa from the Leasing and Management Department is also inspired by Hang Lung’s “Care About People” philosophy. “The Company not only distributed face masks and other personal hygiene supplies to staff at the height of the epidemic, but also continues to send us small gifts like drinks and fresh fruit from time to time to lift our spirits,” he says, “It gives me a warm sense of belonging.” Responsible for the maintenance and repair of properties, Lam hopes that he will be able to pass on this sense of care and warmth to customers through his work. He looks forward to growing with the Group as he celebrates his birthday with Hang Lung.
For Vicky Zhao, who is from Palace 66 in Shenyang, this year marks her tenth year with the company. Looking back over her years with Hang Lung, her most memorable experience is participating in the “Hang Lung’s Got Talent” competition with three colleagues back in 2018. “I played a character of the opposite gender,” she recalls, “and with seamless collaboration, we became the champions!” She adds that she is so happy that she has been able to celebrate her birthdays with Hang Lung over the years, which have added to the rich tapestry of beautiful memories. This year, Vicky celebrated her birthday with her parents and siblings. “That everyone is healthy and happy is the best birthday gift for me!” she says.
Agatha Cheung from the Customer Franchise Department also had a quiet yet intimate birthday celebration with her family and friends on September 13 this year. Although Agatha has only been with Hang Lung for around two years, she has already experienced how the company emphasizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and care for its staff. She also admires Hang Lung’s crisis management capabilities. “From the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19, the company has responded swiftly,” she shares, “The work-from-home arrangements were adopted at once to safeguard our safety and health. What’s more, all the supporting functions are so well coordinated that all of us who worked from home were able to communicate with ease and maintain our productivity levels. On the other hand, the Hang Lung Coronavirus Relief Fund set up by the company has provided a lot of support to the community and the underprivileged. The caring spirit of giving back to society is impressive.”
As Hang Lung celebrates its 60th Anniversary, our five “913 Birthday Stars” take the opportunity to wish the company a prosperous future with the Hang Lung logo finding a home in more and more developments across Hong Kong and the Mainland as it maintains it industry-leading position.


Edna celebrates with her nephew who shares the same birthday as her


Management Trainee Sherry is excited to join the Hang Lung staff birthday party for the first time.