Hang Lung Logo: Everything Starts from the Six Pillars

Hang Lung Stories

The logo of Hang Lung in 1960 (Left) and The current logo of Hang Lung (Right)

Since Mr. Chan Tseng-Hsi founded Hang Lung in 1960, the Group had used a particular rendering of the two characters of Hang Lung's Chinese name as its logo for over 30 years. Recognizing the need for a new logo in the third year of his chairmanship from 1991, the then Chair Ronnie C. Chan engaged a design firm to re-design the logo in order to fit into the increasingly globalized commercial world. The logo has been used until now.
The current logo of Hang Lung comprises two groups of three pillars linked by a flowing ribbon, forming the alphabet "H" as in "Hang Lung". The pillars denote solidity and are emblematic of our real estate industry. At that time, because of the old Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport, buildings were limited to 20 storeys on the Kowloon Peninsula. So Kowloon is represented by the flat top on the right side of the logo, while Hong Kong Island, without such restriction and hence having much taller buildings of varying heights, is represented on the left side of the logo. In addition, the ribbon denotes the software which ties the six pillars of hardware together.
Strategy, construction, and finance are examples of hardware, while management and corporate culture represent software. The meaning of the logo is: the best hardware together with the best software will make our business thrive.
The then Chair Ronnie C. Chan recalled that when he saw the current logo at the first time, he picked it among many alternatives and considered it both elegant and meaningful. Standing the test of time.