Lui Kwokleung: Walked with Hang Lung for over 30 Years

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Hang Lung retiree Lui Kwokleung

Mr. Lui Kwokleung, former Senior Technician of Leasing & Management of Hang Lung Properties, has worked for the Company for over 30 years before his retirement. His loyalty to the Company and his highly responsible attitude has won him friendships and recognition from his supervisor and colleagues – these are definitely the greatest achievements he gained throughout the years.
Lui joined Hang Lung in 1984 and has been responsible for the maintenance and management of the electrical and mechanical systems at Amoy Plaza until his retirement in 2015. He joined Amoy Plaza before Phase 2 of the mall was completed and witnessed the change and development of the mall. Recalling his most memorable experience during his work, he said if it were not the SARS outbreak of 2003, it would be an incident that took place many years ago in the mall’s meter room. He said, “One night at around eight to nine o’clock, a colleague at Amoy Plaza discovered some smoke coming out from the meter room, which was causing an electrical blackout for over half of the tenants. Since the situation was far from straightforward, my teammates and I immediately called the police, informed the electricity supplier, and reported the case to our supervisor. Fortunately, there was no danger, so we hurried to resume the electricity supply for tenants. That was my first experience of handling such a ‘big’ incident. It was a memorable experience for me.”
When talking about his long service in Hang Lung for more than 30 years, he said, “It is quite amazing that I could work here until retirement – even I can hardly believe it.” Throughout these years, Lui has worked together with his colleagues happily. The “brotherhood” among them is one of the major reasons for his exceptionally long service at Amoy Plaza. “The minds of people in our generation is comparatively simple. We are devoted to our work and work together for the same goal. Colleagues are just like my brothers and sisters,” said Lui.
One of Lui’s brothers is Senior Maintenance Supervisor Mr. Chan Kamshing, who is the supervisor mentioned in the meter room incident. Chan joined Hang Lung two years earlier than Lui. He had a significant impact on Lui at work. Lui said, “Chan is willing to coach others. He trusts me too.” This kind of friendships is certainly one of the greatest rewards Lui gained in these 30-plus years.
Lui is now enjoying his relaxing retirement life. As Hang Lung celebrates its 60th anniversary, he wishes the Group even more prosperous growth and achievements in the future.