Peak Galleria: A “Brand New” Landmark of Hong Kong

Hang Lung Stories
As a famous landmark in Hong Kong, Peak Galleria is a scenic spot which both overseas tourists and local visitors should never miss. Completed in 1993, the construction has already had a history of over 20 years. After a renovation in 2019, Peak Galleria is now coming with a fresh new look.
Peak Galleria, situated at the peak, is a three-story shopping arcade. The site was the Peak Hotel in the old days (1873-1938). The construction project of Peak Galleria began in 1992 and was completed in the following year. Its unique design has been the talk of the town. For example, the fountain located at the Piazza outside the main entrance of Peak Galleria, with its base being on the level ground, is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Also, many attractive art pieces and installations (dismantled in 2008) were found in the mall creating some artistic ambiance.
The remodeling of Peak Galleria started in 2017 and reached its completion by the end of 2019. Among the many exciting new features of the renovated design, the most eye-catching visual has to be the gleaming new, gem-like, curved exterior of the main entrance. Here, at the very pinnacle of the city, shines the new jewel in its crown, reflecting the abundance of the Victoria Harbor cityscape below. The all-glass curtain wall design is not only modernist but also serves to conduct natural light into the atrium, enabling visitors to connect with the natural surroundings and experience the changing seasons in their dynamic fullness. During the day, the glass shell creates a nice reflection, complementing the plaza in front where people can gather around for food and drinks. At night, the façade lights up and becomes an exciting spectacle that echoes the glistening lights of the harbor city below.
Besides, the observation deck located on the third floor, which is one of the highest points in Hong Kong, is open to public for free. A lot of visitors enjoy appreciating the scenic view of Victoria Harbor from a bird’s eye view. The nearly-two-year renovation project has not only built further on Peak Galleria’s long-established position as one of the territory’s most popular tourist sites but also allowed it to welcome its guests with a new look and a diversified tenant mix.
The fabrication of gem-like glass façade also applies the first of its kind industry technology – computer numerical control (CNC), which is the first application in Hong Kong. By using CNC technology, the construction of this free-form-three-dimension façade steel structure components are pre-assembled off-site, achieving the most accurate and finest construction details. Comparing to traditional welding method, it shortens on-site installation time from half year to less than a month.

The newly renovated Peak Galleria