Sun Yongfeng of Grand Gateway 66: A Two-Decade Commitment to Hang Lung

Hang Lung Stories

Following its establishment in 1960, Hang Lung spent the first 30 years developing its business in Hong Kong. By the early 1990s, it started to expand its operations to the Mainland by entering the Shanghai market. At present, Hang Lung’s distinctive footprint has now been fully established in the nine Mainland cities of Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, Wuhan and Hangzhou.

Sun Yongfeng joined Hang Lung as a driver more than 20 years ago, shortly after the opening of Plaza 66 in Shanghai. He was later transferred to Grand Gateway 66 in 2012. Although his work location has changed, his loyalty to Hang Lung remains immovable. 

Yongfeng says that he feels a strong sense of mission and responsibility toward his work. As a driver, he often needs to work on holidays, and sometimes even sacrifice his personal time for work, but he has not uttered a single complaint. “Work is indeed a very important part of my life. I must ensure that each car journey is smooth and safe, and also keep the interior of the vehicle clean. I must be responsible for the passengers’ sake as well as my own. I hope that everyone who rides with me will feel at ease. This is my way of contributing to the company.” 

Looking back on the good times he has had in Hang Lung over the past 20-odd years, Yongfeng’s most memorable moment is going on stage to receive the honor of the “Hang Lung Long Service Award” from the company’s CEO in 2015. He says, “When I received the award, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I always believe that Hang Lung is the best company that I have ever worked for. It is with this belief that I have stood by Hang Lung all these years. The award is an acknowledgment of my efforts, and I am proud of being a part of the Hang Lung family.”

He sees the company as very down to earth. “Hang Lung has never been a trend follower that blindly carries out overly ambitious expansions, nor has it been held back because of the many world-class properties that it owns. It adheres to the principle of ‘We Do It Right’ as it advances steadily and continues to grow. I find this very reassuring.” 

As Hang Lung celebrates its 60th Anniversary, Yongfeng says with a smile, “I hope that every single colleague will treat Hang Lung as their home and keep making it a better place by working together.”

Sun Yongfeng of Grand Gateway 66 receives "Hang Lung Long Service Award" in 2015

A recent photo of Sun Yongfeng