Honoring Excellence: Hang Lung Properties Celebrates Elevating Customer Experience with the 2023 Emerald Award

Press Release | May 15, 2023

(Hong Kong, May 15, 2023) Hang Lung Properties (SEHK stock code: 00101) (“Hang Lung” or “the Company”) reaffirms its commitment to customer-centricity with “Go the Extra Mile” mindset, taking customer service to the next level. The 2023 Hang Lung Emerald Award presentation ceremony, honoring frontline employees who have demonstrated exceptional customer service, witnessed many nominated cases that went beyond the normal exemplars of service excellence that have been seen in previous years, including cultural heritage conservation and instances where employees provided assistance to the police in solving cases. The Company received over 300 nominations from various areas of the business across Hong Kong and mainland China.


Mr. Weber Lo, Chief Executive Officer of Hang Lung Properties, said, “We’re proud of our award-winning employees for exemplifying our corporate focus of customer-centricity by going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. Their dedication and strong ownership play a pivotal role in delivering the best Hang Lung branded experience, enabling us to realize our vision of creating compelling spaces that enrich lives, and to pursue our mission of sustainable growth by connecting our customers and communities.”


At this year’s Hang Lung Emerald Award presentation ceremony, a total of two Emerald Awards, five Merit Awards, and four Special Mentions were awarded based on the criteria of initiative, accountability, problem-handling, creativity, uniqueness, and “going the extra mile.” 


Hang Lung is committed to enhancing customer experience by prioritizing initiatives that support employee and community wellbeing. Hang Lung’s 19 properties in Hong Kong and eight cities in mainland China have achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating from the International WELL Building Institute, showcasing a firm commitment to best practices in health and safety. To provide safe, healthy and sustainable environments for its stakeholders, the Company is among the first commercial companies in Hong Kong to have adopted C-POLAR air filters, which have been proven effective at arresting and killing airborne viruses and bacteria, in its medical hubs in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok. The Company has also further expanded availability of electric vehicle charging stations at strategic locations across Hong Kong by 60% compared to 2021. In addition to enhanced facilities, over 240 frontline staff have received “Dementia Friends” training recognized by the Social Welfare Department to improve their understanding of dementia and their communication skills in order to build a more inclusive community.



Mr. Weber Lo, Chief Executive Officer (middle); Mr. Kenneth Chiu, Chief Financial Officer (2nd from the right); Ms. Janet Poon, Director – Human Resources & Administration (2nd from the left); Ms. Helen Lau, Deputy Director (Head of Hong Kong Business Operation) (1st from the right) and Ms. Maggie Ma, General Manager – Corporate Communications (1st from the left) attend the 2023 Hang Lung Emerald Award presentation ceremony to congratulate winners for their exceptional customer services

Since 2014, the Hang Lung Emerald Award has been a shining symbol of the Company’s unwavering dedication to upholding customer-centricity

(From left) Ng Kam Fai, Ngan Chun Hung, Joey Chan and Lau Hok Lai from Amoy Gardens, Hong Kong, receive the Hang Lung Emerald Award for demonstrating their sense of mission to protect residents’ health and safety. Their proactive follow-up successfully averted the potential danger of concrete falling on an elderly resident in her unit, despite the resident rejecting earlier offers of assistance

Connie Liu from Riverside 66, Tianjin is awarded the Hang Lung Emerald Award for her exceptional dedication and sense of ownership. Her passion for work and initiative in self-enhancement reflect Hang Lung's commitment to customer-centricity

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