Hang Lung Nationwide Volunteer Day

Over 1,200 Corporate Volunteers Work Together to Care for Women's Physical and Mental Health
Press Release | Sep 27, 2023

(Hong Kong/Shanghai, September 27, 2023) Hang Lung Properties (SEHK stock code: 00101) (the “Company” or “Hang Lung”) holds its annual nationwide volunteer day in Hong Kong and in nine cities across mainland China every September to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Hang Lung Group. This year, under the theme of “Caring for Women’s Physical and Mental Health,” more than 1,200 Hang Lung As One volunteers took part in engaging activities for  more than 7,300 grassroots women and their children to help them relax and relieve their daily work and family pressures. Participants also included young volunteers from Hong Kong SAR Government’s “Strive and Rise Programme”, encouraging the younger generation to connect with and serve their community.

Mr. Weber Lo, Chief Executive Officer of Hang Lung Properties, said, “With the motto We Do It Well, Hang Lung continually contributes to society through community investment projects and volunteer services. Women play an integral part in their families and society. Their physical and mental health is a key issue of concern and importance in our society. On the ‘Hang Lung Nationwide Volunteer Day’ this year, we show our care and support for groups of these highly devoted women as a token of appreciation for their dedication. I am also glad that our colleagues across the nation have actively participated in Hang Lung As One volunteering activities, contributing to the wellbeing and sustainability of our community.”

In Hong Kong, the previously scheduled activities for Nationwide Volunteer Day were postponed due to the impacts of a record-breaking rainstorm. However, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team. With the guidance of female tutors from the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres, the volunteers worked together to make hand creams and distributed them along with care packages to nearly 500 disadvantaged women and their families. The volunteer team will also invite a group of women and their children from the North District of the New Territories to participate in a refreshing nature bath at The Peak and a delightful lunch at Peak Galleria in the near future. We hope to alleviate some of the emotional stress on these families after the torrential rains with a relaxing and enjoyable parent-child activity.

Members of Hang Lung management on the Mainland also led the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Teams to actively engage local government departments, tenants, and relevant industry experts in conducting a series of enriching and relaxing activities for women. In Shanghai and Kunming, volunteers worked with tenants to hold workshops on physiotherapy yoga, pour-over coffee and flower arrangement, allowing grassroots women to relieve their stress and enjoy artistic expression. In Shenyang and Jinan, volunteer teams arranged professional health lectures and fitness classes aimed at women to enhance their health literacy and inspire them to pay more attention to their physical and mental health. Meanwhile, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Teams from Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Wuhan, and Hangzhou organized excursions, movie watching, and photo shoots for women, giving them the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their children, let go of their worries, and enhance their happiness.

Established in Hong Kong in 2012, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team actively cooperates with various community groups and charitable organizations to support the wellbeing of society. Over the past 11 years, the initiative has set up 12 teams across Hong Kong and 11 projects in 9 Mainland cities, which take part in a range of social service activities to promote women’s empowerment, youth education and development, and elderly services, with more than 11,400 volunteers and over 135,000 accumulated service hours, to create a diverse and inclusive community.

In Hong Kong, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team made hand creams and gifted the products to nearly 500 disadvantaged women, reminding them to take care of themselves and prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing 
The volunteer team from Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai collaborated with tenants to hold a coffee art workshop for grassroots women as well as tasting special desserts with them, providing an opportunity to relax and unwind 
The volunteer team from Center 66 in Wuxi led female migrant workers and their children to the Wuxi Sunac Ocean Park, offering a relaxed atmosphere for some parent-child time
Heartland 66 volunteers in Wuhan thanked sanitation workers and migrant women, and arranged a movie-watching session in the plaza’s cinema for them, enjoying a pleasant day together

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