Physical disabilities do not hinder the enthusiasm to pursue dreams. With confidence and courage, one can break through obstacles and unleash their talents. Last year, Hang Lung established “The Hang Lung Scholarship and Development Donation for the Visually Impaired” in partnership with the Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired. The two recipients of the inaugural scholarship are Ding Yijie, currently studying for a Master's Degree in Music, majoring in violin performance, at The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, and Yao Ka Chun, a first-year undergraduate studying for a Bachelor of Social Sciences at The University of Hong Kong. Both have shared their development opportunities and experiences since receiving the scholarship.

Pursuing Dreams: Embarking on the Path to Becoming a Musician


Ding Yijie
(Master of Music, The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts)

"Every time I hear the sound of a violin, it brings me immense joy, and I want to share that joy with more people." Since the age of six, Ding Yijie has been captivated by the violin, an instrument capable of producing enchanting melodies. Her dream is to become a professional violinist and perform on international stages. However, her congenital visual impairment has presented her numerous challenges on her musical journey.

Yijie dedicates extra time and effort to learning the violin compared to others. Each time she takes on  a new piece, she leans on  her teachers and friends for assistance. They meticulously read the sheet music repeatedly until she can memorize every detail. She then relies on her sense of touch to learn bowing techniques and finger positioning. Driven by her passion and determination for the violin, she successfully enrolled in the Bachelor's and Master's programs in violin at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Yijie became the first visually impaired student to be admitted to the Academy and was also one of the recipients of the inaugural “The Hang Lung Scholarship and Development Donation for the Visually Impaired.”

Yijie expresses the profound significance of this scholarship, which has alleviated her financial burdens, providing her with opportunities for professional violin training outside the classroom. Currently, she regularly travels to Beijing to enhance her skills. "I am deeply grateful to Hang Lung for awarding me this scholarship, which allows me to learn more challenging pieces from the great masters and make breakthroughs in my musical achievements." Recently, she performed with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and held her own violin recital, receiving acclaim from the audience and further propelling her pursuit of excellence.

"Visually impaired students often believe that their imperfections prevent them from pursuing their passions, thus limiting their own development." Yijie encourages them to have confidence, bravely pursue their dreams, and not easily give up in the face of setbacks. Only then can they journey towards success. "We don't persist because we see hope; we see hope because we persist."

The scholarship provides financial assistance and supports my diversified development, enabling me to receive specialized violin training beyond the confines of the classroom. This has significantly enhanced my skills, allowing me to perform intricate and challenging musical pieces. The sense of fulfillment drives me to practice harder, hoping to step onto larger and more prestigious stages in the future.

Dreams Come True for a Freshman at University


Yao Ka Chun
(Bachelor of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong)

Yao Ka Chun is a person with moderate visual impairment who attended mainstream schools since childhood. He has always been highly interested in current affairs, particularly political and international relations. Starting in secondary school, he spent time exploring the field of social sciences to broaden his global perspective and analyze social problems. With effort and hard work, Ka Chun achieved excellent results in the 2023 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination. He was also the top-performing candidate among visually impaired students in the "Resource Support Programme" by Ebenezer School that year. As a result, he successfully gained admission to The University of Hong Kong (HKU) to pursue a degree in Social Sciences.

As a freshman at HKU, Ka Chun was also awarded the inaugural “The Hang Lung Scholarship and Development Donation for the Visually Impaired”. He is grateful for the scholarship which provides financial support for his studies and also serves as a recognition for his efforts. As he began his four-year program at university, Ka Chun participated in various activities to gain experience and explore his abilities and interests.

Ka Chun acknowledges that he has noticed personal growth and transformation in the vibrant and diverse setting of university life. He cherishes and enjoys every moment of his university experience, stating, "I have the freedom and autonomy to make decisions, and university life, such as living in the dormitory, has made me more independent,” he said recalling his enjoyment of his experience at university. He also looks forward to the opportunity to participate in overseas exchange programs, hoping to personally experience the cultural differences of various countries, enrich his personal experience, deepen his understanding of international relations, and cultivate a global perspective.

"To overcome physical limitations, we (visually impaired students) often need to put in more effort than others. However, we should not overly concern ourselves with how others perceive us. As long as we remain true to our dreams, each one of us will undoubtedly find our own value," Ka Chun emphasizes. He suggests that it is crucial to establish a clear and specific plan for our ideals in daily life. This can help us navigate challenges and gradually achieve our goals.

The biggest support given by the scholarship is providing me with more space and motivation to explore various possibilities. On one hand, I can delve into various fields of study, broaden my horizons, and expand my knowledge. On the other hand, it has given me the opportunity to embrace university life to the full, fostering my personal growth and transformation.