Awards & Recognition

Social Responsibility Pioneer Award 2022
Outstanding Caring Company 2022
Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards Logo
MIPIM Asia Awards 2022
Best Companies to Work for in Asia
BIM Organization 2022
International Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards
Hong Kong Sustainability Award 2022
Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA) 2022
Best City Operator Award 2022
2022 GALAXY Awards
HKMA Best Annual Reports Awards 2022
China Best Managed Companies 2022
IADA 2022
LACP 2021
2022 ARC Awards
2022 Sustainability Model Award
Employer of the Year 2022
Connie Award 2021
Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2022
Event Marketing Award 2022
2022 International ASTRID Awards
ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme
International Design Awards
10 Years Plus Caring Company
Best Companies to Work For in Asia 2021 (China edition)
Employer of Choice Award 2021
2021 Responsible Brand Award