Hang Lung Management Trainees: Future Pillars of the Group

Hang Lung Stories

The graduates of the 14th Hang Lung Management Trainee Program with the management. (front row, from left to right) Brian Hui, Kevin Chan and Leon Yip. (back row, from left to right) Chris Chan, Erica Lao, Mr. Weber Lo, CEO, Mr. Norman Chan, Executive Director, Raymond Hui and Michelle Yeung.

Hang Lung launched its Management Trainee Program in 2005 with the aim of grooming talented university graduates to be the future pillars of the Group. The comprehensive program provides Management Trainees with the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge and skills across various functions and develop the leadership competencies necessary for taking the company to greater heights in the property industry. As the trainees of the 14th Hang Lung Management Trainee Program, Chris Chan, Kevin Chan, Brian Hui, Raymond Hui, Erica Lao, Michelle Yeung, and Leon Yip are the new generation ready to shine.
Chris says that he has benefited tremendously from the Hang Lung Management Trainee Program. “During the 18 months of training, I became acquainted with the work involved in a diverse range of areas within an extremely short period of time. My knowledge has improved significantly and I have gained a degree of insight into the functions and characteristics of different departments. This experience has enabled us to think about how to integrate the experience of each team to obtain a clearer picture of the overall situation.”
Kevin agrees completely.  “We were assigned to different departments and were allocated a multitude of duties, from simple support tasks to being members of core teams. This allowed us to have a clear concept of the company’s overall operations and consolidate the knowledge we have gained. It was definitely a comprehensive learning experience,” he said.
Meanwhile, Raymond had a one-of-a-kind internship experience in the Mainland. “Not many people have the chance to work in a different city, but our Management Trainee Program includes a half-year internship which enables us to better understand the culture and ecology of the industry in the Mainland. It was a wonderful experience.”
Regarding the unforgettable memories of the training process, several management trainees happened to mention that they found the experience of working in the Mainland most memorable. Kevin says, “My most memorable recollection is of my days at the Leasing Department of Heartland 66 in Wuhan. This was my first time working on the Mainland, so I was undoubtedly hit with culture shock. Fortunately, there were three former management trainees who helped me adjust by giving me guidance, so I was able to make many happy memories during my time there.”
In addition to the help of their predecessors, the trainees also deeply appreciate the precious friendships that they have established with our colleagues. Michelle recalls, “The first time I went to work on the Mainland was to assist the team at Shanghai’s Plaza 66 in launching ‘HOUSE 66’, the company’s national customer relationship management program. It gave me a deeper understanding of the retail market in Shanghai and a firsthand experience of the group’s customer-centric philosophy.” She also joked that she has become used to a cashless life as all payments and transactions can be made with just a mobile phone on the Mainland. As a result, she often forgot her wallet when she first returned to Hong Kong.
 “The experience of working on the Mainland has broadened my horizons. When I saw how rapidly some cities in the Mainland were developing, especially in the information technology sector, it made me reflect on how we could improve, as many Chinese cities have overtaken Hong Kong,” says Erica, another management trainee.
As to the future development of Hang Lung, Leon highlights that technology should be the key direction of many large companies. He says, “I hope that the company will implement the strategy of ‘embracing technology’ both externally and internally, in order to create more value for our customers and our staff members. I also hope that I will be able to play a role in this aspect.”
The youngsters’ completion of the Hang Lung Management Trainee Program coincides with the Group’s 60th Anniversary. They are embarking on a new journey toward another milestone alongside the company. Brian says, “Hang Lung’s business has undergone dramatic changes over the past 60 years, reflecting the fact that we have kept up with the times. I believe that Hang Lung will uphold its innovative spirit and continue besting itself, no matter how many years pass.”
Lastly, all management trainees wish that Hang Lung’s business will build on its solid foundations to reach new heights, so that they will have the chance to tackle future opportunities and challenges with the Group.