Defining the Path Ahead – Our Route to Sustainable Success

Corporate Update | Mar 1, 2021
While we have achieved great things over the past 60 years and have enriched many people’s lives, we are now taking the opportunity of our landmark anniversary to introduce a new expression of our Vision, Mission, and Values (VMV). This is to ensure that we uphold and extend the values shaped by our founder, Mr. T.H. Chan, in the 60 years ahead, in order to achieve sustainable success. The VMV and our commitment to sustainability were the core focus of an online discussion joined by around 200 senior executives from Hong Kong and the Mainland at the annual Hang Lung Management Conference (HLMC) with the theme “Shaping Our Sustainable Future” held earlier this month.
Vision: We create compelling spaces that enrich lives
Mission: We pursue sustainable growth by connecting our customers and communities
Values: Integrity, Sustainability, Excellence, and Openness
Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, Chair, said, “It seemed an appropriate time for us to review our vision and mission, as we celebrated our 60th anniversary.”
Mr. Adriel Chan, Vice, said, “I am so excited to launch this new VMV. I think that we should look at them very closely with a critical eye, think about how we can apply them to our daily work, and to our lives.”
Mr. Weber Lo, CEO, said, “I hope that we will continuously do it well and do it right, I also hope that every Hang Lung family member can feel a sense of pride, as long as we are walking in the same direction.”
Hear from Our Vice Chair, Adriel, Talking about Our New VMV
Vision: We create compelling spaces that enrich lives
We are a real estate company. At the core of our business is space and the desire that in its creation lives are better lived.
Mission: We pursue sustainable growth by connecting our customers and communities
Providing space, alone, is no longer enough. So, we add to our real estate a high level of service and approach our business with a customer-centric mindset and the aspiration for sustainable growth with all our stakeholders.
Values: Integrity, Sustainability, Excellence, and Openness
Integrity has always been at our core and that is where it remains. Sustainability requires a whole-organization approach springing from each individual in every function seeing everything through the lens of sustainability and the desire for a better life. Excellence must mark everything we do as we seek to constantly raise the bar on our achievements. And finally, Openness, is the disposition of embracing better ways of doing things and being inspired in the face of new markets and trends to break new ground and be an inspiration to our customers.
From We Do It Right to We Do It Well
As the ensign of our VMV, our motto in the original Chinese “只選好的 只做對的” (to choose only the good, to do only what is right) best captures the essence of our brand and the spirit that guides our past and future. In English, however, we will update our motto from We Do It Right to We Do It Well to better represent the nuances of the Chinese text. We Do It Well does not mean we no longer do it right. It takes always what is right and puts it into action, it takes the values that are at our core and makes them outward-looking. We Do It Well speaks to us working towards the common good of all our stakeholders, our people, our communities, and our environment.
Shaping Our Sustainable Future
Sustainability is a key element of our VMV and is integral to how we do business. Speaking at the HLMC, our Chair, Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, defined the four key aspects we regard sustainability within our business:
  1. We are financially sustainable
  2. We can achieve business sustainability
  3. We can grow sustainably
  4. Given that we are already well placed on the first three points, we think that it is time for us to focus our efforts on operational sustainability

Echoing Ronnie’s comments, Adriel said, “Sustainability has to balance our business with our impact”. He said that sustainability is more than just the environment. It is also governance, it is also society. We need to make sure that all these are properly addressed in the way that we do business. 

Last December, we set an ambitious set of 2030 sustainability goals and targets, with an overarching ambition to become a sustainability leader in the real estate industry in the coming decade and beyond. About three dozen strategic ESG (environmental, social and governance) goals have been set across departments and properties, and we are working hard on them as a group. Against this backdrop, external senior experts in their fields were invited to share their valuable insights and experiences on different aspects of sustainability at the HLMC. 

Our New “66” Brand
As we enter the first year of the next 60 years, we have rejuvenated our “66” brand, which is used on all large-scale complexes and assets across the Mainland, such as shopping malls, office towers, apartments, and HOUSE 66, to mark a new chapter in our business development. The design concept for the new logo is “Pulse of the City”, which fully demonstrates our core principles of “customer-centricity” and “care about people”. 

Pulse of the City
It started with one. One pulse coming from the heart of the action, at 1266 West Nanjing Road. From these 66 floors of urban dynamism rising from the Shanghai skyline, Hang Lung 66 was born. Our first Plaza 66 development soon followed, and then another, each time building on the vibrance of China’s most up-and-coming cities. 

We believe it is the people who create the pulse of a city. That is why we design every Hang Lung 66 development to connect young movers and shakers to the most cutting edge brands from China and across the world. It’s where they can enjoy being at the beating heart of it all, through an array of exhilarating experiences designed to be enjoyed together. 

The New “66” Logo Carries Multiple Meanings
The two digits “66” are connected by a curved line and angled at 66 degrees, alluding to the close relationship Hang Lung has with its tenants and customers as well as symbolizing Hang Lung bridging the Mainland to the rest of the world. The logo resembles the infinite possibilities and combinations brought by “people” in a vibrant city, further echoing the “Pulse of the City” concept. Moreover, the bespoke Chinese typeface of “66” and “Hang Lung” complements the uniquely designed logo, combining attention to detail with simplicity. 
Our new VMV and the launch of the “66” brand campaign are expressions of our determination to achieve sustainable success in the next 60 years.


Hear from Our Vice Chair, Adriel, talking about our new VMV


Speaking at the HLMC, our Chair, Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, defined the key aspects we regard sustainability within our business


The new “66” logo carries multiple meanings

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