Infinite Possibilities – Meet the Winners of the 2021 Hang Lung Mathematics Awards

Corporate Update | Apr 1, 2022

Mathematics is often considered the mother of all science, and the cornerstone that forms the foundation for scientific research. The winners of the 2021 Hang Lung Mathematics Awards (HLMA) often speak of their love for mathematics since childhood. From the experience of finding joy in new discoveries, to exploring the unique beauty of mathematics, mathematics research has enriched their lives and enabled them look at the world in a new way. Let’s take a look at what the winners have to say about their journey through the competition.

Gold Award Winner Tsz Hin Chan: The Winning Secret is Hidden in the Egg Tart

Tsz Hin Chan, the 2021 HLMA Gold Award winner and graduate of Pui Ching Middle School, now studying at the Imperial College London, reckons that laying good foundations is the key to success in mastering mathematics. He jokingly adds that the honor of Gold Award should be attributed to egg tarts! Click to watch his interview video to find out why!

Silver Award Winner On Ki Luo: Exploring the World of Mathematics with No Set Answers

“Research is like this: there is no answer book you can check; you might not even find the answer you are looking for! You might be the first person in the world to attempt this particular problem, and chances are, you might only discover part of the answer in trying to solve it. Still, there is satisfaction in each little step.” the 2021 HLMA Silver Award winner, On Ki Luo, shares her insights into the world of research and experience with the HLMA. Check out her video to find out more!

Bronze Award Winner Wai Lok Lai: Hard Work Weighs More Than Talent

As the old saying goes, “Opportunities come to those who are prepared for it.” This is certainly true in the case of the 2021 HLMA Bronze Award winner and Form Four Student at St. Paul’s Co-educational College, Wai Lok Lai. He spent more than 20 months preparing for the competition even though he already has numerous mathematics competitions and awards under his belt. Besides personal qualities and talents, he believes it is dedication and hard work that matters if you want to succeed. See what Wai Lok and his teacher have to say about their HLMA journey in their interview video.

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