CEO Award 2022

Corporate Update | Mar 30, 2023

Launched in 2019 and exemplified our VMV, CEO Award aims to recognize colleagues who demonstrate the four attributes of our corporate culture, and the outstanding performance of teamwork and cross-department collaboration. This year, a “Special Mention” Award was offered in addition to gold, silver and bronze prizes to recognize outstanding projects. Over 14 outstanding case submissions were received, covering areas such as sustainable development, process improvement, marketing planning and community investment. The award-winning cases kept abreast with the times and embodied the three principles of “incorporating Innovation”, “driving structural changes”, and “overcoming unforeseen difficulties”, promoting diversity and inclusion, and creating shared value for our customers, as well as positive impact on society and the environment, to create compelling spaces which enrich lives.


Gold Award

Real Estate & Climate Forum: Co-Creation with LVMH 


Bronze Award

Procurement Process & Tenancy-Related Workflow Improvement and Refinement


Silver Award

Working Together to Safeguard Shanghai against COVID-19


Special Mention

Pixar Fluffy Festival Xmas Campaign

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