Creating Human Centric Work Environment by Implementing Measures that Meet Employees’ Needs

Corporate Update | Apr 4, 2022

Underlining our corporate culture of “Caring about People”, we strive to provide colleagues the most comfortable work environment and improve their physical and mental wellbeing by listening and responding to their needs.

Wellness Fund for Departmental Engagement Activities

Last year, Hang Lung conducted its first Employee Engagement Survey. The results provided the Company with good insights including the need to improve team building among staff members. To accommodate colleagues’ requests, a Wellness Fund was set up for departmental gatherings to enhance team bonding and wellness. 

Iris Tai, a colleague from the Hong Kong Business Operation, shared that her department organized a departmental Christmas Party that included team-building activities with the support of the Wellness Fund. “I am impressed by the team-building activities around the holiday season which really helped boost goodwill, trust, and cooperation,” Iris said. Iris also believes that engagement activities can foster a stronger sense of belonging among the team members and new joiners.

The engagement activity organized by the Hong Kong Business Operation helped connect team members


Penny Duan from Retail Leasing Department of Heartland 66 in Wuhan joined the departmental parties in Christmas and Chinese New Year which were also supported by the Wellness Fund. She remarked: “In the parties, I strongly felt that we were not just partners at work, but also a happy family with close bonding. Looking back on 2021, we have experienced and faced many difficulties and challenges together. However, with collective effort of each team member, Heartland 66 in Wuhan successfully opened as scheduled. Looking ahead, I believe that the team will remain united as always and work together for another great year in 2022”.

Apart from departmental activities, Penny also joined a team-building activity organized by the Human Resources and Administration Department, during which she and the team had to work together to solve different tasks. She said she could feel the importance of “One Team One Goal” through the team building activity. Penny and her colleagues look forward to seeing the Company organize more physical activities to help improve colleagues’ health and wellbeing. “The high participation rate proved that the Company understands employee needs,” said Penny.

Penny believes effective communication is one of the key factors in improving staff engagement


Different Measures to Support Various Employee Needs 

In view of the suspension of classes in Hong Kong and social distancing measures in place, Hang Lung not only adopted work-from-home arrangements but also partnered with social enterprise, PlayScope, an affiliate of Playright, to present “Fun Games At Home” online sessions in April for colleagues’ children to have fun, as well as to provide support for our dutiful working staff. 

Iris Tai and her six-year-old son, Hinton, greatly appreciated “Fun Games At Home”. Iris said the online game sessions allowed Hinton to unleash his creativity and imagination through playing, and could benefit the health and development of children through the play and learn opportunities provided. She believes the Company understands exactly what she and her colleagues need, “The activity was a real win-win situation that allowed me to stay focused on my work while Hinton was happily engaged with other kids in the online session,” she said.

Iris’s six-year-old son eagerly looked forward to joining his second online “Fun Games At Home” session

Value the Voice of Employees

In addition to the annual Employee Engagement Survey to listen to colleagues’ needs, the Company also provides employees and their family members with 24-hour free counselling service by phone to help alleviate personal stress and emotional problems. 

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