"25 x 25" Sustainability Targets Set Hang Lung on Track for Sustainability Leadership

Corporate Update | Dec 1, 2021
Hang Lung’s ambition is to become one of the most sustainable real estate companies in the world. In support of this goal, in December 2020 we announced our 2030 Sustainability Goals and Targets under the Company’s Sustainability Framework, covering four Priorities: Climate Resilience, Resource Management, Wellbeing and Sustainable Transactions.
In support of our long-term sustainability ambition and 2030 targets, in 2021 we introduced annual strategic environmental, social and governance (ESG) KPIs across the company that are tied to the performance reviews of departments and employees. These ESG KPIs will be updated annually.
And we have now taken another big step forward by setting out 25 targets to be achieved by the end of 2025. The “25 x 25” Sustainability Targets address our four Priorities and provide all employees with a clear agenda over the next four years. They include concrete measures we will pursue on a wide range of sustainability challenges and will help ensure the Company is on track to achieve our long-term ambitio

 "25 x 25" Sustainability Targets2030 Sustainability Goals
Climate Resilience7 targets addressing the following topics:
- Greenhouse gas (scopes 1 and 2) emissions reduction for building operations
- Greenhouse gas (scope 3) missions reduction: embodied carbon of property development projects and electricity consumption of tenants
- Technical analysis of climate adaptation measures
Reduce carbon footprint in line with climate science
Resource Management4 targets addressing the following topics:
- Water efficiency of building operations
- Diversion of operational waste and construction waste from landfill
- Use of recycled, reused and bio-based construction materials
Accelerate the transition to a circular economy by minimizing resource consumption and maximizing recycling
Wellbeing9 targets addressing the following topics:
- Diversity and inclusion
- ESG training for our employees
- Community wellbeing initiatives
Ensure employees, customers and communities enjoy an unrivalled environment that promotes their health and wellbeing
Sustainable Transactions5 targets addressing the following
- Assessment of suppliers on their ESG performance
- Green leasing
- Sustainable financing
Collaborate with all suppliers and customers to advance our sustainability priorities

Other Sustainability Initiatives
In recent months, we have announced new developments at both corporate and project level. Major sustainability initiatives include:
Supporting Hong Kong’s Carbon Neutrality Journey
In October, our CEO Mr. Weber Lo joined the Carbon Neutrality Partnership Certification cum Pledging Ceremony organized by the Environment Bureau. He received a Certificate from Secretary for the Environment Mr. K.S. Wong and Hong Kong’s top cyclist and Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist, Ms. Sarah Lee. The pledge not only shows our support for Hong Kong’s journey towards carbon neutrality, but also demonstrates our commitment to decarbonization.
Deploying Innovative Technology for Cleaner Construction
We have recently partnered with local start-up Ampd Energy and introduced the Enertainer, an advanced battery energy storage system (BESS) to replace the traditional diesel generators for the Electric Road redevelopment project in North Point. BESS will also be deployed at “皓日THE APERTURE”, our residential project in Kowloon Bay. The system is close to 32 times quieter than traditional diesel generators and has no harmful gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment at and around our construction sites.
Raising Customer Awareness of Environmental Protection
Riverside 66 in Tianjin engaged members of our nationwide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Program HOUSE 66 with a series of parent-child events on the theme of sustainability. The activities ranged from interactive science workshops to learn about the Earth and the ecosystem, to coffee grounds upcycling workshops and a visit to the National Maritime Museum.
Creating Shared Values with the Next Generation
Spring City 66 in Kunming worked hand in hand with a local primary school to organize a site visit for children to learn about “eco-city” construction. We shared the mall’s sustainable concepts and green operational initiatives with the students, aiming to engage the next generation and identify shared values that enable our communities to grow sustainably.
We will soon announce further updates on our sustainability strategies and initiatives. Stay tuned for the latest news on our corporate website and social media channels.

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