HOUSE 66: Taking Customer Experience to a New Height

Corporate Update | Jun 1, 2020

Today’s discerning consumers expect a more unique and personal shopping experience than ever before. Customer retention and “stickiness” is therefore a more complex challenge for a shopping mall than simply having the right location, tenant mix, design and facilities. Customer-centric initiatives are integral to the success of Hang Lung malls. Here we talk to the Customer Franchise Department to find out about one of these initiatives, the customer relationship management (CRM) program HOUSE 66.
HOUSE 66 at a glance
HOUSE 66, first launched in September 2018 at Plaza 66 in Shanghai, will cover all Hang Lung's existing malls in mainland China by August this year. With comprehensive information accessible anywhere and anytime, the program offers customers bespoke services by leveraging the merchandise and tenant network of our malls across mainland China.
Delivering Experiences that Money Can’t Buy
Other CRM programs tend to be discount-driven, but HOUSE 66 focuses on creating value for our customers by offering unique, prestigious and customized experiences that appeal to high-spending, loyal customers. “What set us apart from others is the offering of ‘money can’t buy’ experiences to our prestigious customers. This is what makes our CRM program one of leaders in the Mainland retail market,” said Mr. Joseph To, Director – Customer Franchise Department.
Meet Our Customer Franchise Department
To implement our customer-centric initiatives and further enhance customer engagement, the newly established Customer Franchise Department is in charge of the overall customer experience through three key functions – 1) Customer Experience – by engaging customers through surveys to better understand their experience and make improvements; 2) Customer Innovation – delivering a holistic and consistent user experience empowered by technology, such as enabling data-led operations and decision making, orchestrating seamless interactive journeys across all customer touchpoints and adopting appropriate latest digital solutions; and 3) Marketing including CRM – delivering bespoke services and experiences to our customers.
What we categorize as a “money can’t buy” experience is something that is truly unique to our most discerning members. To achieve this relies on our Customer Franchise Department working closely with brand partners to design member-exclusive offers or events available only at Hang Lung malls for our top members. Such collaboration also allows our brand partners to deepen their engagement with customers.
In addition to offering these special experiences, it is vital that we engage with our top-tier members on a day-to-day basis. Our Member Engagement Specialist team, which comprises top talent in customer service and is also part of the Customer Franchise Department, offers bespoke services ranging from personalized shopping advice to access to international fashion shows.
Next Step – Capturing Big Data to Deepen Engagement
Having an established CRM program is just part of our customer-centric strategy. Analysis of the huge amount of data generated by users of the program helps us formulate more effective marketing and business campaigns that better benefit and engage our loyal customers, and this is what will truly differentiate us from our peers. The Customer Franchise Department is in the process of developing a data analysis platform that is due to be launched this year.


Joseph (front row, 2nd from right) and his team are curating the unique Hang Lung branded experience through multiple facets


With the upcoming launch of the program in Forum 66, Shenyang in August, HOUSE 66 will cover all Hang Lung’s existing malls on the Mainland

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