Offering Multi-pronged Work Opportunities to Enhance Staff Engagement

Corporate Update | May 1, 2022

Hang Lung places great emphasis on nurturing multifaceted abilities as we see talents are key to our success. By providing our people with the opportunities to gain cross-departmental exposure and to collaborate with colleagues with different specializations, their potential can be realized and engagement enhanced.

2021 Management Trainee Janice Lee, who joined the Company one year ago, was appointed as one of the committee members of the Hang Lung Management Conference (HLMC) and was responsible for the creative and logistical elements of the conference. She said that with this opportunity, she gained a better understanding of the Company’s strategies and the ideas of colleagues at different levels.

Currently on rotation to the Service Delivery Department, Janice said that her role requires a lot of communication with different parties, “The soft skills I learnt from the experience of event management as well as cross-departmental exposure have helped me greatly in my current position, as well as developed my independent thinking and ability to examine issues from multiple perspectives,” she said.

Jeremy Luk from Hong Kong Business Operation assisted in the sales launch activities of our new Hong Kong residential project THE APERTURE, experiencing a customer servicing role to explain provisional agreement to the customers. “I have gained unexpected exposure from this sales launch and really felt the Company’s trust and confidence in our abilities,” said Jeremy.

In addition to the experience and exposure gained, Jeremy was also impressed by the scene of a colleague buying a unit. Everyone in the sales office cheered for him, filling the venue with joy. “I strongly feel colleagues in Hang Lung are ‘as one’,” said Jeremy.

Both Janice and Jeremy believe that the cross-departmental exposure has allowed them to enjoy variety in their work and to develop their strengths and potential while boosting engagement in their daily tasks.


Janice Lee (1st from left, second row) says the committee for the HLMC gathered colleagues from different departments and vendor to realize their potential


Jeremy said he obtained a fuller understanding of Company’s property project with the experience of assisting in sales launch activities

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