Spring City 66 - The Great Team Raises New Landmark

Corporate Update | Jun 1, 2018

Spring City 66, Hang Lung’s ninth world-class project on the Mainland, is progressing at full speed, and is expected to be completed in phases in 2019. The development has been satisfactory in every respect. It is the result of the effort of the excellent Kunming team, including all colleagues and managers from Development & Design, Project Management, Leasing & Management, Service Delivery, Cost & Controls, and all supporting departments.

General Manager – Project Management of Spring City 66 Mr. Peter Lo and General Manager of Spring City 66 Mr. Clement Tam expressed high praise for the team. Peter said, “We have all worked as one to perfect Spring City 66 to the last detail. That the project is on schedule, within budget, and meets high standards of quality is due above all to human effort. I am very grateful to every colleague of the Kunming team. The team spirit exhibited by everyone has led to the new landmark that is Spring City 66.”

Spring City 66 is located at the center of Kunming’s Central Business District. Metro lines No.2 and No.3, running along Beijing Lu and Dongfeng Dong Lu, offer direct access to Spring City 66. It is the city’s only large-scale complex connected to the Metro Interchange Station. At present, the superstructure of the shopping mall is largely finished and the superstructure of the office tower is more than half complete. Upon completion, the project will be a landmark in Kunming and a major development in Yunnan province, promising to draw the attention of local and international markets.

Retail-tainment - A New Concept of One-Stop Retail and Entertainment Debuts in Kunming
Spring City 66 includes a world-class shopping mall, a Grade-A office tower, and serviced apartments. The mall is expected to attract over 300 leading brands which combined with the new concept of one-stop retail-tainment – bringing retail, entertainment, and leisure together in a single location – will create unparalleled experiences for customers seeking a high quality of life.

Clement said, “Spring City 66 plans to serve as a platform to introduce business opportunities and international quality brands to debut in Kunming, leading the city to showcase its uniqueness to the world. As a world-class lifestyle luxury shopping mall in Kunming, Spring City 66 continues to grow hand-in-hand with the city and its citizens to bring the local development to another new height.” Clement also expressed the view that Hang Lung would shoulder its corporate citizenship responsibilities and strive to contribute to the area, prospering and developing alongside Kunming. He said, “The opening of Spring City 66 is eagerly awaited by customers, tenants and the local government alike.”

The leasing situation of the mall is favorable. About 50% of the leasable area has been committed, of which one-fourth of the brands are new to Kunming and Yunnan. The mall continues to attract a diverse trade-mix, covering the categories of Fashion and Accessories, Food and Beverage, and Life and Entertainment.

In addition to introducing international brands and a diverse trade mix to the mall, the concept of “retail-tainment” also leverages on technology to provide services such as food ordering, queuing and parking tracker by mobile devices. The mall will also cooperate with mobile apps to launch and deliver useful promotions, discounts and mall information to customers.

A People-oriented Architectural Design
The Kunming team attends to every detail of the mall’s interior and exterior in order to provide the supreme experience for customers. Deputy General Manager – Project Management of Spring City 66 Mr. Kevin Pang said that the design of the mall is people-oriented. The interior design, rooftop garden, al fresco terrace and green space all show our attention to detail from the customers’ perspective. He explained with an example: “The proportion and curvy form of the arcade as well as the atrium disposition are meticulously designed so that the customers’ sightline will be led by consecutive shop fronts during a shop walk. Also, customers are invited to explore different floors by maximizing the exposure of shop frontage at multi-levels when they are walking along the atrium. Cozy indoor temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting, background music, hygiene, and bathroom facilities… these are our service objectives to bring our customers an excellent experience in every aspect.”

The waterscape is another design feature. Deputy General Manager of Development and Design Ms. Tina Yuen said, “The water fountain and digital screen on L6 terrace are iconic features. The screen can synchronize digital visual images, waterscape, audios and lighting effects to create an impressive display.”

Evoking the mountains that surround Kunming, Spring City 66 adopts an “interlocking roof form” so as to immerse itself in the natural environment. From above, the top of the mall resembles a coordinate, which not only indicates the center point of the complex but also symbolizes its location at the center of the city.

The softscape is another major feature of the mall. Senior Manager – Service Delivery (Horticulture) Mr. Wing Lam, the softscape designer for Spring City 66, said, “Greenery covers more than 16% of the total site area. The project currently includes 144 evergreen trees and 77 deciduous/flowering trees. Jacaranda and Prunus trees are the most significant because of their full blossom under Kunming’s climate.” In line with the city’s new concept and model of urban construction and development, the team adopted the concept of Sponge City, using permeable bricks to collect, absorb, retain, and reuse rainwater in order to protect the environment.

About Spring City 66
Location: 21-23 Dongfeng Dong Lu / 433 Beijing Lu, Panlong District, Kunming
Total Gross Floor Area: 432,388 sq. m.
Main Facilities: Shopping mall, office tower, serviced apartments
Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Expected Completion Year: In phrases from 2019

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