Emerald Award 2018 Go the Extra Mile

Corporate Update | Aug 1, 2018

Hang Lung hosted the Emerald Award 2018 award presentation ceremony on August 7 (Tuesday), recognizing eight frontline staff members who each demonstrated exceptional levels of customer service, exemplifying the very best of Hang Lung service excellence and its customer-centric corporate culture.

CEO Mr. Weber Lo said, “Being customer-centric is at the very heart of Hang Lung’s operations strategy going forward. We pay attention to all opportunities to interact with our customers and to understand their needs. This year, the Hang Lung Emerald Award received around 350 nominations, the highest number since its inception, from Hang Lung’s properties across Hong Kong and the Mainland. The winning cases reflect the unparalleled levels of service we provide to our customers and tenants with increasing dedication and attention to detail. This could not be achieved without the commitment of Hang Lung’s team, striving all the while to Go the Extra Mile in every situation.” 

Now in its fourth year, the judging panel for the Emerald Award 2018 comprised senior management members, who selected the winners based on their performance in the nominated cases of service including the initiative demonstrated, sense of accountability, problem-solving skills, creativity, and uniqueness. Six winning cases were chosen from around 350 nominations across Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Yanson Lui, Club Assistant, Kornhill Recreation Club, Hong Kong
During a regular patrol, the Club Supervisor heard a call for help coming from the ladies’ washroom. The situation was referred to Yanson Lui, who immediately called an ambulance and rushed in to help. 

Yanson soon found that a customer in her 50's was confined to the toilet cubicle, unable to move, as an old injury had flared-up causing a dislocated kneecap and intense pain. The discomfort was so strong that the customer had broken into tears. 

While waiting for the ambulance, Yanson calmed the customer by engaging her in small talks, which also helped alleviate her pain. In an attempt to avoid further embarrassment caused by incontinence in front of the paramedic, Yanson helped the customer undo her pants to urinate standing up using a bucket under the consent of the customer.

Winnie Wong, Concierge, Standard Chartered Bank Building, Hong Kong
Winnie Wong was informed by the Control Room that a customer had been injured during a fall outside the Standard Chartered Bank Building.

Winnie arrived and saw a female customer in her 40's with a bleeding knee and reddened forehead. Winnie set about treating the wound with antiseptic before the ambulance arrived. 

After the wound was bandaged, the customer, who was a Mainland visitor, was still in pain and felt dizzy but she refused to go to the hospital for a further check-up, fearing that it might ruin her trip. Aware that the condition of the injured customer was not getting any better, Winnie persuaded the customer to wait for the paramedic.

While they were waiting, Winnie noticed that the customer had torn her stockings. She quickly arranged a new pair for the customer to get changed. She also gave the customer her WeChat contact in case further help was needed as the customer departed.

Zhu Jianxin, Senior Hygiene Attendant, Plaza 66, Shangahi; Ying Min, Guest Experience Ambassador, Plaza 66, Shanghai
Ying Min was informed that an office tenant had a newly bought pair of high-heeled shoes, wrapped in its original packaging, which had been mistakenly collected by its own cleaning lady as garbage.

The tenant called to inquire about the waste removal schedule in order to alert its staff to rescue the item from the refuse. Having understood the matter, Ying Min sent a colleague to help search through the rubbish together with the tenant’s staff.

After two hours of searching to no avail, even the tenant was about to give up, but not Ying Min, who entrusted
the case to Zhu Jianxin, the Senior Hygiene Attendant, and sent more cleaners on the search.

It took Ying Min and Zhu Jianxin a further two hours to find the package, which was sent back to its owner finally.

Zhu Li, Senior Guest Experience Ambassador, Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai
Zhu Li met two ladies aged about 30 and 50 respectively, struggling with a pram in the mall. Zhu Li came forward and learned that the pram had a flat tire. He then offered to fill up the tire.

Zhu Li tried to source an air pump from the mall’s concierge and car beauty and maintenance center but to no avail. Just as the customers were about to give up, the idea of borrowing a portable pump for scooter tires from the courier who came to collect the mail suddenly dawned on him.

Eventually, Zhu Li was able to re-inflate the tire of the pram for the customers.

Li Yong, Senior Security Attendant, Palace 66, Shenyang; Lv Ruiyu, Cashier, Palace 66, Shenyang
Lv Ruiyu was at home after work. A message about a missing dog caught her attention when she checked her WeChat page. The message relayed the story of a five-year-old poodle which had run astray in the vicinity of Palace 66 earlier that day. The message with the dog’s picture attached was widely circulated.

Meanwhile, Lv Ruiyu discovered a photo of a poodle, which looked like the missing canine, shared by her colleague, Li Yong. Lv Ruiyu immediately asked Li Yong about it and found out that Li had discovered the poodle wandering in the mall but that no one had come forward to retrieve it despite the announcement made in the mall. Li had settled the dog temporarily in the guard room inside the mall’s car park.

Lv Ruiyu contacted the dog owner and arranged the reunion with the pet immediately.

Zhang Wei, Security Service Supervisor, Forum 66, Shenyang
Zhang Wei was on patrol when he came across a tenant and an elderly guest who was nervously standing in the lift lobby. He immediately enquired and learned that the senior citizen was suffering from a phobia of elevators. Zhang Wei offered to accompany them to walk upstairs to the tenant’s office located at 15/F.

Zhang Wei brought a portable fan and a bottle of water and accompanied the tenant and the elderly guest on their walk. He also arranged standby personnel with fresh water, towels, and medical kit on the sixth floor just in case.

After walking up more than 200 steps, they arrived at the tenant’s office. Zhang Wei offered to walk down with the guest when the time came for her to leave. And the next time the elderly guest visited Forum 66, Zhang Wei offered to accompany her on her walk up the stairs again.

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